Why do I feel like my life has fallen

Why do I feel like my life has fallen apart? Why am I not happy? I have achieved nearly most every goal I ever set for myself, yet, I am not happy. I think it might be my marriage to my wife of 16 years. Or, it could be that I am just in a real rut right now. I wonder often what might have been, had I chosen just a slightly different path 15-20 yrs ago. I am in my mid 30's now. I have achieved so much, education, career, socio economic status, yet somehow, I don't feel appreciated enough. Maybe I don't appreciate myself enough. I never used to drink, now, I am drinking at least every other night. I worked so hard to get where I am at with my career. I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of my time getting educated. You'd think I'd be smarter than some of the choices I have made. I never dated more than 1 woman (my wife). Why? Because I was not the most popular kid to girls in high school. I was smart, but at the time, the girls never valued that. So, I married the first woman who I thought loved me. Now, she has gotten so spoiled, she thinks our lifestyle not to be a priviledge, but rather an expectation. It's sad to me, she takes me for granted. Why did I do what I did, only to be taken for granted? Am I not worthy of being loved for who I really am? Am I just some "free ride"? For all of those young folks who may read this, I have a confession that you need pay attention to. Whatever you do, DO NOT think your first love is the right one for you. In fact, make sure you date multiple people, and yes, even have s** with as many partners as you can. I am telling you from experience, once you're married, you're stuck, unless you want a really costly divorce. Don't make the mistake I did, think more of yourself and believe you ARE worthy. I let the kids in high school make me feel "less than" because I was not in the "popular" group. Funny, most of them still live at home or never really amounted to anything. I went to school, got educated, and really exceeded what the average person accomplishes. I make alot of money, and there's potential for more, but my wife makes things difficult on me primarily because we don't see "eye to eye" on many of life's most critical aspects. In the end, though, it's my fault. I created my own problems. I will die and take those mistakes to my grave. Don't make the same mistakes I have made. It's not worth it. Don't spend time trying to "prove yourself" to anyone. It doesn't work. You have to only prove to yourself that you are worthy of having anything AND anyone you want......


A man who knows from experience....

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  • ^^^^I AGREE

  • Leave her and go find a 20-something HOT replacement. If you got money you can get one - you're already paying for that wife you have now so may as well pay for the hot one you couldn't get 15-20 years ago when they thought you were nerdy

  • You should definitely leave her. You deserve to be loved. Love is worth so much more than money. You have painted yourself into a corner. It is only your perception that you can't get out. But you can. You have the intelligence. Create a new life.

  • True words man.

  • Look,you're still young and have many things ahead of you.Just dump the wife you obviously regret marrying and move on.What I know from experience,as well, is that life is too short to be spent in regrets and "what might have been"-s..And a costly divorce is always better staying miserable for the rest of your life.

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