One night

I'm a 26 year old guy, with a girlfriend so I'm straight. That being said, about 18 months ago I went to a party it went very late and I got very drunk. Most people left early on but some of us stayed until late. At some point I passed out on the floor. When I woke up I felt my shorts being slid down. I continued to pretend to be passed out. In a moment I felt some kind of Gel being squirted out on to my now naked but. It was only a moment later that I felt a finger being slid between my naked cheeks.
as I lay there pretending to be passed out I felt the finger slide inside me. I don't know why I didn't say anything at the time, I just let it go. He slid his finger in and out of me several times and it surprised me to find I was aroused. as I lay there allowing his finger too go in and out of me I found it hard to be quiet and continue to pretend to be passed out. After several minutes of this, he quit and I thought was done. In about 30 seconds I felt what I knew to be the head of his member pushing against my naked, lubed cheeks... I could hear him masturbating while his head pushed between my cheeks. suddenly I heard a female voice whisper... What are you doing? He whispered back for her to be quiet and he continued his masturbation. In a moment I felt the heat of his come squirting over and into my cheeks. she helped him slide my shorts backed up into place over what they could not tell from my being face them was an erection. He got up from the floor and I think they went into another room.
I've been back to their house several times, but never let on that I remembered anything. I wonder what they think of that night?

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  • Having a girlfriend doesn't make you straight, many gay men have girlfriends or wife's. You are a closet homosexual and that is one of the worst things to be in life since you are scared of being yourself.

    There is nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with being a fake person and lying about it. You have no b**** to admit who you are so every second you are living is in denial. One day you will find you are old and your life is over, then you will regret not accepting who you are.

    It's very clear from how you wrote this; you are a gay man.

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