I can't save them all

To be honest you see all these dear old or young cats and kittens that people can't keep anymore and the shelters put up sad emotionally disturbing ads about "i was left to wonder the streets"" or ""i was pregnant and abandoned in the gutter and people killed my kittens ... now i am at rspca... looking for a forever home""

most of the ads make you want to cut your wrists open you know most are gonna be euthanised that get to any shelter....

here am i sick not knowing if i am gonna get better or worse and i have doctors who are arrogant and abusive to me and I pay over $400 to see some specialist they treat me like a heap of s***...

what is life for a pet?

what is this world coming to ???

i just wish there was more smiles in life then sadness.
yeh no one likes me i go to therapists who charge arm and legs for services of bs and some abuse me even.

i am sick of it. i don't want to die... i don't want to see the ads in the papers and hear about animals killed and homeless ...

why can't people control the system more and stop the overbreeding of pets and thats just it...i am not suicidal i a figter fighting for everything i have.

i have been stopped from breeding like a mongrel dog.

Mar 25, 2015

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  • Uh... so are you moaning about the unfortunate fate of many cats or the fact that you yourself maybe can't breed? If you can't convey that clearly, it's for the best that you can't reproduce.

  • Its a good thing you are stopped breeding are you female we could stil try

  • Amen

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