First off, I'm 13 so yeah, I'm young

First off, I'm 13 so yeah, I'm young. When I was 11 I started noticing small changes in my behavior, I would become hyper and outgoing then suddenly become shy and quiet. Curious I looked up mental disorders on the internet and came to the conclusion that I was Rapid Cycling Bipolar. So a year and some progresses and by this time my mood swung from full blown mania to suicidal depression. I had written a note (suicidal letter) to my parents and I had tighten a belt around my neck, but my mother has depression and I relized that if I went through with it I'd be killing her too. So I gave my parents the note and they agreed to take me to a pyscologist, though I had asked them for counsling once before they denied me because they thought it was normal teen angst. It takes the pyscologist 6 months to diagnose me as OCD with depression and anxiety as symptons. He gave told my doctor to give me depression medication and it didnt help. I soon became depressed again so my parents admited me to a suicidal and drug rehab of sorts. I spent my 13th birthday in there, I ended up on Lithium, Limictal, and Seroquil (for the insomia I had devolped). So after about a year of crap my final diagnosis was Rapid cycling Bipolar with symtoms of OCD, Insomia, Anxiety, and Depression. An 11 year old got it before they did, but she's too afraid to tell because they'll say she's acting out for attention. Life sucks, but I'm still living it, I saved my mom and thats all that counts.

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  • You need to have s** with somebody. Do it in all three places.

  • I have bipolar, ADHD, OCD, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, hypochondria, Narcissistic personality disorder, Narcolepsy, Neurosis, Nighmare disorder, Panic attack, panic disorder,Phobias,Sleep disorder, Sleep terror disorder.

  • Weed is a better drug if any drug is to be taken. Don't take the crap the doctors give you. Not that s***. Oh, and cheer up and forget depression. It sucks. It's easy. Pet a puppy.

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