Idiot in the neighborhood

There is a man in his fifties who apparently was a troublemaker his whole life. People who know him say he was a bully in school and he never grew up. He's a big man about 6ft 6in and in the neighborhood of three hundred pounds. He makes his living changing tires and changing oil etc.

His wife left him because of physical and verbal abuse and I don't blame her.

Ok I was at a bar when I saw him arguing with a smaller man about a seat tht he felt was his and his alone. The bartender just stood there looking very much like an idiot.

Ok the two of them take the argument outside in the parking lot and the smaller man shot him in the chest with I believe a .32 cal automatic pistol. The bullet collapsed his lung and the smaller man left.

Ok he doesn't die but the bullet is very near his heart and the doctors say it isn't safe to remove and that he will have to live his whole life with the bullet still inside him. The bullet is going to cause pain as long as its in him.

The guy seems to want sympathy but I saw what happened and I hope the smaller guy gets off easy.

From now on I'll do my drinking elsewhere if hes there.

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  • Stay out of those types of places..You don't need that.. Stick to sports bars with hot, young women like I do.. In fact, mine also has a kitchen guy..Big dude, who says nothing to anyone, who, when needed..Takes care of things. I saw him hook a big, drunk, obnoxious guy's arm one evening, without a peep, pick him up off the stool, and calmly walk him outside. Not that the place is bad or attracts the wrong crowd, but, it's nice to know this guy takes care of the crap when needed.

  • He got what he deserved. hahaha.

  • Karma is a b**** lol

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