Is he not into me anymore?

I have some doubts regarding a guy that I met only recently and cant talk to friends about it.

We live in 2 different countries but I visit his city often for work purposes.
Im 27 he is 22, so he is younger than me.
My life is sorted out and laid back, and he has busy time at uni these days.
We met last year while I was in his hometown, and we became friends. One month after meeting we were chatting intensively but then I got busy and stopped replying, eventually we stopped talking and we kind of forgot about each other. I was definitely not interested into him, I though Id never meet him again plus he was younger.
After about a year, I visit his hometown again. Right after I arrived to hotel he contacted me again via facebook. First I thought he must had seen me somewhere in metro or someone told him I came, but no, that was really out of blue.
While I was there we met 4 times. Every day he worked until late and then took time to see me. The relation escalated from a great first friendly meeting 1st night, to some flirting on 2nd, by 3rd night we were all over each other, and 4th was a beautiful goodbye night.
I was going to visit again in 1 month so we stayed in touch, chatting more or less every day.
So now I came again to his hometown. We met on my 2nd night, and the meeting went a little awkward. I was really tired, and he said I dont look happy seeing him again. I said I was tired but Im very very happy. He asked jokingly, if I got him a present because we talked about getting presents to each other, and I said I DID. And I really did, something nice small and symbolic. He didnt get me anything and he felt kinda uncomfortable and said he felt shame. I said it doesnt matter at all... ... Then he gave me lil something from his wallet that means a lot to him. I was really happy. For the rest of the night we talked, and walked and I had to go back to hotel. We said we will meet again when we have time and that he would let me know via text.
The only interaction since then:
Him: goodmorning
Me: Hey whats up
But since then... radio silence... 3 days now.
He is regularly active on fb, so he is not dead.
I dont write, he doesnt write.
I will leave in 5 days.
Im thinking, is he not into me anymore? How do I know? If he is busy he would still text me, right? I can assume anything cause Im clearly into him, I like him a lot, which is why im a little afraid to put myself out there completely. Or do I just let the whole thing die out?
Its raining outside, the weather is s*****, Im at hotel alone and a little sad... shall I call him? I would prefer if he would call me first, show me he cares... I dont know what to think so Im writing a confession post here...
Gosh I feel like Im in highschool, afraid to talk, to text...but its only so because I care. Ohh

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  • Thanks anonymous for pouring out your heart here. Quite empathize with you in your plight. What I would add here is for you young lady to "close your legs". I have counselled ladies over the years in the course of my work and I have come to discover that majority of the ladies that do not "move on" whenever a relationship does not work out are those who had given in to sexual pressures, committed abortions or gotten infections from their partners. They keep sulking even a decade after the break up whereas their male counterparts had moved on, married and had kids. This later scenario usually adds to the lady's predicament. On the other hand, those who "closed their legs" have more secure and trustworthy marriages apart from "moving on" faster. Also lady, spice your spiritual life with God's word. Learn to read your scriptures (New Testament -you can google it and read on your mobile phones or tablets) and find out what LOVE means.
    1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. . .

  • I read this reply some time ago but didnt rly have time to properly reply and thank you for your comment. Its been most helpful really.
    My confession was posted days after I left the city where this guy lives. It was hard to process all of that. But I am better now. Your answer came in right time, because I finally got some clues from him about why he shut me down like that, and although I am still very sad and broken I can find my peace.
    I did give in to him too quickly. He seemed like a guy who is worth it. And he really is no matter what happened. He was extremely unfair to me, but he is still a good person, the kind of a person whom I would love to have by myself for the rest of my life. But it wont happen to me - not with him at least.
    I liked the verse about love, I re-read it a thousand times by now - it calms me down. Whenever Im in doubt on how to talk to him, to scream out my anger and disappointment or to take other approach, I read love is patient love is kind... so I answer with kindness and love.
    God bless you... and thank you, really, thanks a lot.

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