Preferential Treatment..

I inspect properties for a living. Mostly homes and condos, but some restaurants and bars, too. Most are ok, but, if things are wrong, I tell the person I'm dealing with, then put it in a report. My confession? If I'm dealing with a hot, younger woman, I seem to ignore a lot of stuff, tell them privately, and accept whatever they want to give in return.

Recently had a bar that needed a ton of things, however, the owner's hot, blonde, 20-something daughter was my main person for the day. Did my thing, saw more than enough, and, as she was flirty with me, pulled her aside (taking her by the hands, into a basement storage room..nice and private). Told her what I saw, and, while I didn't offer a deal, or a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" thing, had no problem accepting a little physicality from her in exchange for a nice, spotless report.

Went back for a beer when my day was over, confirmed my report on the bar was clean, and proceeded to have at her in the office. At least I don't take money for a good inspection report, right?

Apr 20, 2016

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  • Blunder.. Only a fool with no technique wouldn't milk that concept for say 4 or 5 more installments.. You let some young girl play you when you hold the aces.. They say there's one born every minute..

  • If the bar were more local, yeah, I'd have dragged it out for more visits and s** with the hot blonde daughter, but, it was an hour and a half from my area. She didn't play me; I met her and thought..I can get away with this, easily..She's young, hot, and I have her alone. I'm the one who pursued and hounded on her. Soon as i had her in the storage, my hands were on her.

  • Ya gotta keep bangin' that nasty ass!

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