Sorry to go on a rant but I need to vent…So in my first year of college, I met this guy through a mutual friend. This guy liked me and although I had little to no interest in him, I dated him. I dated him because everyone told me how he was a good boy and me thinking about how hard it is to meet a truly good guy, I figured the feelings would come eventually even though I was not interested immediately. Feeling’s came but I still never felt a true connection or interest in him, it was like I loved him because I had been around him so much. Three years into our relationship I get pregnant, I found myself somewhat sad knowing I have to spend the rest of my life with him now but he is a good boy and I do love him so I don’t mind too much. The night I give birth to my son, I found out that he definitely is not a good boy. I found out he was sleeping with anyone and everyone through out our relationship and also that he was a party boy. Now I feel so upset and hopeless because not only did I have a baby with someone I still don’t really find a connection with but the only reason I stood with him was gone. My son is now 2 years old and me and his father are still together and are living together. He has stopped the partying and cheating from the time I found out (at least from what I know) but I feel like i hate my life everyday. I feel like even though things are technically better, I resent my bf for everything, I hate that he got me pregnant knowing he was unfaithful, I hate that I have to be connected with him the rest of my life whether I am with him or not because we have a kid together. I hate his personality, he calls me a b**** and tells me to shut the f*** up when we argue. Growing up I always imagined having a big wedding but after everything that has happened, I refuse to marry him, everyone keeps asking us when we will get married but I feel heart broken at the idea of marrying him.I take care of our son 24/7 unless I force him to take care of our baby, he doesn’t do anything unless I tell him. Im tired of this family lifestyle. I love my son so much but it sucks being young and not being able to do anything, I don’t even mean parties or anything like that. I want to travel, I want to see the world, go on adventures. I broke down crying while I was in my college class because a study abroad flyer got passed around and I knew I could not go because I couldn’t leave my son. I just want to be a kid again. Sorry, rant over.

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  • Its like an arranged marriage. You just gotta learn to love

  • You should submit to him. No resistance. A beautiful submissive and obedient wife. Learn to love and respect him. Make him find you more sexy than anyone else.

  • It's understandable to be in such a situation. Men are all s***, & I can say that because have a great one; & he's still an ass. I'd say move on. If you can't financially, do it emotionally. Start planning on what you'll be able to do when your son is in school. Don't do anything that he (the father) can hold against you in court. Don't post any wild nights on social media etc. Start planning your escape. You and your boy can travel the world together. Get yourself a skill & find someone you can leave your baby with, start working on that relationship. You can see this world 5-14 days at a time. You are young, time is on your side and that is the one thing you can't waist. You do know what you want. You do know what you need. You do deserve it. You got this mamma.

  • Whilst I sympathise with the position you are now in, make no mistake you chose where you are, you had some odd notion of half heartedly dating this guy, and worst of all ended up pregnant by him. He's an idiot for cheating on you, but don't blame him for all your problems - you are more than culpable for how things have turned out. I'm not sure exactly what you were expecting when you got into the lukewarm relationship and just plodded along on autopilot. Seems like a weird way to approach your life, and now you're wondering just how you got here. Shape up, take some responsibility for yourself and make better choices in future. Although it's a little too late for that, kid and all.

  • Vent away. Okay so yes, your life has changed but you sound super responsible and you'll do what you want to eventually. You will find a way. Definitely do not marry this guy. In fact, you should break up with him and have him pay child support. Find yourself someone you do have a connection with. You're older and wiser and you'll know what you're looking for. Are any grand parents around that can take him for a couple of hours and give you a night off? Or find a friend with a child and split a babysitter? Or have your bf (soon to be ex) watch him. You will see the world, it will happen for you.

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