A woman put her hand on my husband's lap and I am raging

That I may be leaving my husband.
My husbands female friend put her hand on his lap and I saw it. He swears he didn't expect it but there is a story to go with it if you have the time to read.
I met my husband in college and we have been together since (19 years), we have 2 kids and a house together and are generally happy. He has a hard time sleeping and someone offered him weed last year and it helped and shared with me the next time and I also enjoyed it. We have a 'date' night every couple of weeks and plan to smoke together once the kids are in bed. He has a female friend who I also chat with online and such who is also married with kids. He told me she had a rough week and asked if we could invite her over Sat night to get away from her kids/stress/etc. I agreed and we hung out and she had wine while we shared some MJ while playing cards and chatting, nothing out of the ordinary and had Gallivant playing in the background on the TV. It is a goofy musical we enjoy and after a while we went to go watch on the couch. I thought I noticed her hand on his lap once but I dismissed it because I was a little stoned and thought I was being paranoid. Then I defiantly saw it and he saw me notice it. At the end of the show he declared he was tired and said he wanted to wrap up the night. She left. I asked if everything was alright and he told me I was shaking with rage. He was right. I asked him if his intention the whole night was a 3some, which he knew in advance, I would be ok with but not with this woman. They have been friends since college as well and there is too much history there. I truthfully told him if he ever wanted another person, we would go get strange and keep it out of our friends circle. He swears that he invited her over for nothing but cards and such. Then he admitted that he rather enjoyed being between two women on the couch but that was it. When I asked why he didn't move the first time she touched him, he said he wasn't sure it really happened and was a little shocked. The second time, he knew for sure and 'shifted' to make his intentions known that he wasn't interested. I am not all that uptight about ** and I am open to more exploration but the one thing I CANNOT handle is being lied to. Cheated on. Made a fool of. I don't know if he is telling the truth and just messed up by not moving or just shut it down because he saw that I caught them. I respect his privacy so I don't check his computer or phone but now that is all I can think of. What if they have a history and they just got caught because they thought I was too stoned to tell. If she put a move on that night, it should have been to me to see where the night would go. To put her hand on his lap (and it may have been 3 times from what he tells me) and she did it discreetly so I wouldn't see what she was doing has raged me. I don't know if I can ever just think that it was nothing more than that or if I will forever think that they have a secret thing. I don't know if every time he is on his phone if I will think it is because he is talking to her. I don't know if I can live suspicious free.
Overreacting or?

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  • I would've ragged that ** to the floor, if she was touching my man!! Don't put up with that **!! Plus, your man shouldn't allow any other woman to touch intimately, besides you! He should've moved her hand away, but he didn't. I suggest you discuss this with your husband and tell that ** of a friend, to not touch your husband again, or you'll break her fingers!!

  • So make him want you.

    Dress in skimpy clothes. Tease and flirt
    Be a bit hard to get. Reward him. Smile. Keep his interest.

  • Shut the heck up!!! You're insinuating, the wife isn't giving her husband what he needs. Sometimes a husband is ** greedy and wants their ** polished, by fresh meat!! The man needs to keep his wife happy too!! Pig!!

  • Too late his ** inside a better ** now bahahaha

  • Being stoned makes you a little paranoid, but she shouldn't have put her hand there. Having wine sometimes makes you step out of bounds too. Not an excuse, just sometimes happens. I don't think it's any reason to believe he is having an affair. I am having an affair with a friend's husband. Even when having wine I would never dream of touching him intimately with her in the room. If they were actually having an affair I can almost assure you that she would not touch him in front of you. It's like kissing the affair goodbye. Also, he did cut the night off as soon as the show was over. I think you need to talk to your husband. I think maybe you two need to distance yourself from this friend. It's for the sake of your marriage

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