Stepdaughter's boyfriend

My stepdaughter's boyfriend is 18 and I often see them kissing and sm00ching when he comes to drop her home. About an hour back he was waiting for her in the living room while she stepped away for a visit to the pharmacy. I came out in a towel wrapped around my waist. I am muscular and very manly and he is a slim and delecate white guy. I asked him where's April and he said she will be back in a while. I noticed that he was staring on my d16k. Noticing him doing that, I started getting a h******. He walked up to me and started admiring and feeling my muscular chest and then went down on his knees. In no time he was moaning with my thick Daddy D16k in his greasy mouth. It was my first ever BJ by another male. I shot a thick load in his throat which he gulped down and then licked it clean. I liked how he felt in my h******. He's my new bi7ch!

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  • Jesus, this is sooooooooo f****** hot. Please tell us more about how the relationship is progressing, and how you keep it from your daughter. Doesn't she suspect ANYthing?? Is the relationship still just oral? Or have to moved on to other holes, as well? Is he getting nastier? Doing nastier things? Are you pounding him in the s***?

  • Get a life of your own and leave your step daughters boyfriend alone.

  • LOL, you are one sorry role model.

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