Sick Leave

I'm beyond disappointed.

I've seen three different doctors in the space of four weeks, since I injured my AC ligament in my left shoulder, I've had an x-ray and been taking codeine and naproxen medications everyday. I'm in a lot of pain.

There's a 8 weeks waiting list to receive physiotherapy. My first appointment is in March. The doctor I saw yesterday gave me a doctors note, to give to my employer that states - I may be fit to return to work, taking into account- Amended work hours/duties, workplace adaptations and no heavy lifting, pulling or pushing.

I could be wrong, "but that pretty much implies I'm not fit to work, if I can't do any of these duties!" I'm a qualified care giver and this role primarily consists of; Lifting, pushing and pulling. Am I wrong?

Plus, even if my employer makes the above adjustments to accommodate my situation, what job would I be doing instead? I can't do the same role and expect my work colleagues to accommodate me, whilst I'm on shift with them. They aren't getting paid extra for that and I'm not that sort of person anyways, to have my peers suffer in work, because of my health.

Anyways, I just wanted to vent and I feel slightly better for doing so :)

I've forwarded my doctors note to my employer and we're going to discuss work adjustments. I'm seriously considering asking, to get redeployed to a different division within the Local Government I'm employed with. They have numerous divisions and internal vacancies available at the moment, so fingers crossed. Preferably, a non-care role.

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  • Sorry, my concentration ran out after the first paragraph!

  • No worries, everyone is different.

    I have an expansive concentration span.
    It's probably why, I'm an academic and a Dr in Psychology :-)

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