MIL better than her daughter

I've always been attracted the the wife's mother. As a matter of fact I had met Bobbi and it was her who introduced me to her daughter Jacci. Well after marrying Jacci my attraction for her mom never faded. It seems Bobbi was also interested in me because she would flirt, wear low cut tops and even flash her amazing cleavage(42H) for me to see. I know I'm not imagining her attraction to me because on one visit when she flew in to see us I asked her to wear her sexy knee high 5 inch heel red boots, her short jeans skirt and a top I'd seen her in once before that made those t*** look even bigger. Well when she came out from getting her luggage and the wife and I saw wife turned and said to me, what the h***. Does she think she's a h***** or what. I smiled knowing Bobbi had come through for me. She first hugged Jacci and then me. As we hugged she whispered in my ear, so Mikeyson. Do you like the look. Mama put on everything you asked for. We're going to have a fun visit hun. Especially since you are off on holidays and Jacci will be at work each day. Bobbi was everything is hoped she would be and more. Jacci will never be half the woman her mother is and Bobbi proved she's willing to be there to do what her daughter can't and won't do. Bobbi is my MILILF

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  • I have sniffed and licked my wife's Mother's panties and I must tell you taste and smell the same

  • I am not only lucky enough to f*** my mother-in-law, but my mother as well.

  • I sometimes ram my mother-in-law and my mother on the same day, and have even persuaded them to have a three-some with me sometimes.

  • I have always wanted to f*** my mother in law. H***, I'd marry her if I could. Sorry to say, it doesn't look like either of those things will ever happen. But I still fantasize about both.

  • My then-current wife and I lived with her parents for awhile back in the 80s, and her mother and I engaged in a brief affair. She wound up pregnant, and she decided (against my wishes) to have an abortion. We told no one, and ended the affair at that point, seeing first hand how much risk we were undertaking. Fast-forward over 15 years, without incident, and she was required to take a physical for a new job in a newly-merged company. The abortion showed up as a prior medical procedure, and the report was sent (in error) to my wife's parents' home, where (as you've likely already surmised) her husband opened and read it, much to his surprise. Without thinking it through, she lied and said it was HIS baby (her husband's), although unfortunately, she'd forgotten that he'd had a vasectomy a few months before I impregnated her (which was why she wasn't on birth control when we were involved), so she was trapped. Eventually, it came out that I was the father of the baby, and that disclosure ended both her marriage and mine. My secret hope at the time was that she and I would marry -- even though she was beyond having any serious sexual interest of any kind (I didn't care) -- but that didn't happen. Still, I longed for her all those years........and I still do.

  • I have a hot MIL too. She's mid 50s, has a few wrinkles, but still has a gorgeous bod. She also has a racy sense of humor and likes talking about s**. Although I'm married to the younger version of her, I get the sense that she is way more kinky.

  • I love your m-I-l, too. She sounds wonderful.

  • I have the hots for my mother-in-law, as well. Not built like yours, unfortunately, but I love her slim shape, and her VERY dirty mind, and I would drill that ass all day, every day. Unfortunately, she's neither available nor interested. That is painful. I wish you all the luck with your m-I-l. She sounds just sooooooooooo filthy and hot.

  • I'm in this same boat. I want my M-I-L but she doesn't want me.

  • For me, it's always been my sister-in-law. I was already engaged to my wife when I met the sister, and if I hadn't been, I wouldn't have gotten married to my wife: I would have married the sister. The girl is a stone-cold knockout, and she likes me. Nothing has ever happened, and probably nothing will, but I'm in love with her, and would marry her in a heartbeat. Some days I think that I only stay with my wife so I get to spend time with Kara.

  • The phrase "dream come true" is only an idiom. These kinds of dreams NEVER come true. And when I say "never" I mean "not ever".

  • Wake up, dude. This is only happening in your dreams.

  • You really need to stop looking for s****, especially if it is in the form of your mother-in-law. You're married. Stop it.

  • 42H? I was with you until I reached that point. #fakenews.

  • Clearly you've never seen a 5'8" 295 pound BBW because 42H is not only possible its what she wears. Feel free to doubt but I have pictures that say other wise lol #TheRealDeal42H

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