I live in a house on top of a hill near two lakes and a river.

Seven years ago my neighborhood experienced a huge flood. The rains came down steadily and hard for several days and overflowed its banks flooding and damaging about two hundred houses in the neighborhood.

My house was spared. Not one thing was damaged or even inconvenienced. The road by my house rose over the flood and I didn't even miss work.

Even so, I felt so depressed my friends lost a lot of money and some lost everything. I have a syndrome known as survivors syndrome.

When I bought this house I wanted a house by the lake. I had to settle for the one on the hill so it wasn't my intelligence that saved my property it was dumb luck.

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  • Did your insurance skyrocket?

  • No. I don't have flood insurance. My house is too high on the hill.

  • I'll swap you

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