Pantyless wife

My wife works in a office and her skirts kept getting shorter and one day when she home after me I noticed she had nothing on under her skirt. I said nothing but started watching her more closely.
After about a week she told me her boss asked if she could work late and she said yrs for the next money but the first night when she got home she went straight for the shower and I seen c** on the inside of her skirt.
I love my wife and thought of she needed a little extra i wouldnt stop her. But she went off the pill without telling me and told me we are having a baby last night. She must think im really dumb cause I got fixed before we got married and there's no way it my baby.
I'm going to love kicking her ass out the door baby and all.

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  • Get a paternity test done to prove the child is not yours. I found out that my daughter who was fifteen at the time was not my biological child. I had always suspected that was the case but never followed through and had a test done. During an argument with my wife I turned to walk out the door, her thinking I had left, she made the comment of "The idiot still thinks they are his kids". I asked her what she just said and could see the panic in her eyes , she tried covering by saying she knew I was there and just wanted to p*** me off. It turned out my son was mine biologically but not my daughter. My now ex wife admitted to having an affair with an ex boyfriend of hers who had very similar features as me. He unfortunately was killed in a car accident so my daughter will never know her biological father or his family which is truly the worst part in all of this. To the men and women out there who are cheating do everyone a favor and use protection!

  • Whip her good

  • Prepare immediately.
    Refuse to put your name on the certificate until proven. If you do, you accept all responsibility for the child. The affair doesn't have to stop. She can divorce you. Live with the boss and you lose some rights and have to pay support while she lives it up with the boss. Yes. Pay her support AND child support.
    So get blood tests when available. Know your blood type and hers. There are ways to prove that it was impossible for the child to have a certain type. You and wife have O positive. Kid has B negative. Someone else did the deed.

    I know too many men who's life is s***. They will be chopped to crap by the legal system that protects kid first. Then mother. That's it.

  • I don't wear underwear at home a lot but out I do. doctors orders! :)

  • Oh, can you trade pics? I'd like to see an upskirt of you! What kind of Dr. orders was. It?

  • That's understandable

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