Should I quit my part-time job

I started a new part time job. I worked for about 4 days and left for three weeks to go back to my hometown. I started the work again this week. I realised I have forgotten what they have shown me. I’m not good at acting like I know how when I don’t because I always like to be sure. So I had some problems and did mistake even when I was doing simple tasks. Almost gave wrong change while cashiering, I did but the customer corrected me. I didn’t see the food that are ready to be sent out. So a customer came back to me because one item was missing. I still find myself unsure when I make salad.. I took the wrong drink. I look at an order longer than I should and many times just to be sure.. now the thing is every time I do something wrong, the colleagues here laugh and speak in their own language. I’m living in a multi-racial country. The restaurant I work at is a french inspired restaurant but they don’t use English mainly at work and use other languages. I feel very out of place and it’s hard to approach them. I told the manager that I can work until August and I like to keep to my words. I came here because I wanted to learn in the kitchen despite their low pay. Am I overthinking too much? May be it was just a day I’m not myself but i’m worried to make same mistakes and burden the colleagues..

Apr 10, 2019

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  • Take a deep breath. Maybe ask the manager if he has time to just go over a few things with you. But hopefully, the little mistakes you're making will be reminders going forward to just do better. Working more days may also help you because you'll get into a groove and will know what to do. But I guess it depends if there are jobs that you can get and if you are able to get to learn what you wanted to learn from this experience.

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