Do women know the hypnotic power of their seduction?

A sexy, attractive female has no idea what kind of hold they have on men, or what she had done to me. Maybe she did know what she was doing to me or maybe they do know how crazy they can drive men and thats why she acted a
this way but

At the fire for my girlfriends friends graduation there was this blonde girl Maybe in her late twenties very early thirties if most having a good old time as I sat with my girlfriend and she with her husband.

I perceived her beauty and went on with my night not much bothered untill The night grew on and she more intoxicated and the more she became flirty.

She was thick in all the right places with a nicely contoured body. Her grey yoga spandex pants hugging her body tightly showing the shape of her booty and v***** mound perfectly. Her tummy perfect and not flat but just perfect.

She had taken off her shoes walking barefoot showing her sexy foot tatoo that tickled my feet obsession even more. Just the look of her soft tan skin set me ablaze and My toughts pondered and obsessed over uncontrollable thoughts of how id totally taste and lick them given the chance.

Her pink top hugging her chest leaving nothing to imagination, she had taken her bra off being drunk; she tossed it to the side. Just seeing her "tanish" bra was very alluring and all I could think while sitting next to my girlfriend was this girl and how i wished so badly that I could just touch her bra somehow or manage to steal it.

Now braless her b****** sit on her chest in a perfect natural slope, not big but not small. My mind only wishing so badly as if i had a jeanie in a bottle for her breats to smother my face and what that might be like.

She destroyed me when she stood in front of the fire and on her booty I could see a giant sweat stain in between her ass. I am a huge crush over sweat, especially sweaty sexy girls and now having this beautiful sexy blonde in front of me with a obvious sweaty ass i was paralyzed.

How could something precived by most as gross captivate me and my mind so much?

i spent a lot of time being close by her and making small contact just to see if i could manage to smell the natural scent of her sweat and or pheromoans.

I am not sure of i could but my mind grew ever the more bothered by her existence. Her skin was warm to the touch and a bit wet from the sweat boasted and sitting atop by the fires heat..

My head began telling me endless stories of descriptive fetish erotica going over ever fine detail that i could muster. I could only think of such descriptive thoughts involving scenarios where id make love to her ass With my mouth or with her gorgeous sexy sweating ass smothering my face. Every detail i thought over.

I couldnt focus, i was in intense inner thought of erotica just because this girl was hot, walking around braless and had sweaty yoga pants.

Is this not the same for women, do me. Captivate their imaginations as women do with mine?

Later this night I snuck into the spare bedroom she was using and noticed the original top she wore to the party sitting on the bed. I grabbed it up and smelled it deeply.

I couldnt help but to take it for myself thinking she will just think she lost it in her drunken slumber. I stuffed her shirt in my jeans against my p**** and in between my skin and jeans.

I literally stole her shirt because i was that seduced.

She didnt know but all i wanted in that moment was her, l****** hard to feel her and be inside her and to make love imagining the moment where my body would inject nature into hers as she looked the eye and let her use me and my body however she pleased to pleasure herself in any way she imagined. My mind wouldnt stop and its all i wanted.

I was hypnotized simply from the sweat from her ass and the contours of her b****** and the smell in the air.

Do women ever feel overwhelemed or captivated by such erotica arou d men that they like?


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  • You want applause for writing a textwall describing how you can't control your cocktail sausage? I don't think so. I don't applaud my dog for being unable to resist a thrown stick but is too dumb to figure out which one on the ground is his!

  • Yes... this is exactly how I feel about the guy that I like. Too bad I'm already in a commitment. I've learned by now that l*** over love just isn't worth it.

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