I lend money

No joke . I'm a 28 y/o dude now living in an urban city. For a living , I give out loans, credit service and money deliveries.
Here's how a typical day looks like for me. I start my day with some home cooked breakfast. I carry a tab which has my customer's logs (backed-up online of course) , envelopes, paper, pens and a lot of cash (in large and small notes) all in a handy medium sized messenger bag.

I don't own a vehicle. My city has reliable public transport which I use to go about the city. I drop by apartments, shops, college dorms, offices and cafes to meet my customers. I collect repayments , give out cash-loans and do some cash deliveries as well (kinda rare these days). It usually takes me 5-6 days to complete serving the whole city. So my customers of each location knows the specific day I'll show up. (District A on Mondays, District B on Tuesdays etc)

I like my job . Keeps me active physically and I'm pretty extroverted so I like seeing people. Is it dangerous that everyone knows me going about the city with a lotta cash? yeah so I carry a gun for protection (legally own). never been held up before just to be clear. my city also has a low crime rate anyway

am I a loan shark? not exactly, my rates are pretty fair plus I've never extorted someone with violence, blackmail or anything illegal. my security? Half of my customers I keep collateral but its mostly trust. I manage to collect back 98% of borrower's money so I never have a problem with my system.

I've been doing this for about 5 years now. Before this I was a security guard for a big office building(skyscrapper). I loaned money while doing that job but resigned so I can pursue this full-time.

I've been making good money ever since. I've earned enough to the point that if I stashed it all in some trust funds , I can generate enough passive income to support myself.

My girlfriend is advising me to do so , quit being a lender and take up an honest job while enjoying the passive income stream. I don't have much education so I'll probably take up a simple job like a barista, mail carrier or even a security guard again.

My girlfriend is an accountant earning a decent income. She's slightly older than me at 31. She's suggesting that after quitting being a lender we can get married and start a family so our kids can be proud of their dad having a legal and honest job.

I really like the idea, I love my gf, I want kids and I want them to know their dad has an honest career. Though I really enjoy my job now. I'm about 80% sure of doing the plan but just needed to confess my feelings out here. I'm going to miss being a lender.

Dec 16, 2019

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  • Just keep doing it, but maybe a bit more low key, save half the money for you, and the other half to treat her and your kids👍

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