Played with fire and might get burned

Went to a company party for Lunar New Year, on Saturday, Jan 25th. Saw a cute lady that kept looking at me, so I finally got up the nerve to talk to her.

Turns out she’s 15 years older and married to one of the company execs. They live in the upper class part of the city. I live in the exact opposite part.
But we really clicked. I felt like I had always known her. She asked if I’d like to talk more some time. I knew what she meant and I said I’d like that very much. She has days to herself, she doesn’t work. I said I do too. I work nights. I slipped her a piece of paper with my number on it.

She called on Monday morning. A lot sooner than I thought she would.
She came over Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 3 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, and 5 hours.

On Thursday we made a quick trip to a bar & gril to pick up an order I called in. On the way there, she removed her panties. I didn’t ask why. I thought about accidentally raising her dress in the bar to show her cute bütt, but I didn’t.

That night I picked up the guy that pays me for a ride to work. I don’t really like him but he pays a lot for the ride. I never have to spend my money for gasoline.
He was looking around for a piece of paper and he found her panties in the glove box. I didn’t know she had put them there and I didn’t know they were personalized.
On the rear it says, FOR A GOOD TIME. On the sides it says, CALL. And the front says, M****Y.
She is the only woman I’ve ever known with that name.

He doesn’t know her and I didn’t tell him who she is. I just said she’s a girl I’m seeing.

On Friday afternoon, she was on top of me in my bed when her phone said, her husband was calling. She grabs it and answers.
Her husband is mad. He says it was posted on our employee website, a page called the TattleTales, that someone found her panties in an employees lunchbox. She asked how it was known to be her panties. He said it had her advertisement on them. Call her for a good time.
I could hear him loud and clear. Thank goodness she is a quick thinker. She told him she had to change her panties the night of the party. She put them in the trash in the restroom but someone must have found them and they’re just playing a mean trick on her. Or maybe they don’t like him and that’s why they did it.

He asked her why she had to change her panties. Did that young stud get her too wet. He said his co-workers were giving him a bunch of razzing over her flirting with and hanging on that worker boy all evening. They said he’d better watch out. That boy might take his job and his house too.

He wanted to know where she was right now. She said, are you kidding? I’m in a motel with that worker boy.
It shocked the heck out of me, but I was still plugged in and I almost started to hump her hard so he could hear the bed springs. But I didn’t.
He said, you probably are. I know where he lives, you know. She said, that’s good. As long as you’re watching his place you won’t find us at the motel. Then she hung up.

I could tell she was worried, and I was worried for her. She asked why I did that. I said I didn’t. I told her about the guy finding her panties in the glovebox and he must have done it. I said she should have told me about them.

She said they were a gift to me. A souvenir. She wanted me to find them and be happy and call her for a good time.

Then she said, f*** him if he can’t take a joke. We finished and she said she’d be back on Monday. She was as happy as she always was.

But it’s Thursday now and I’ve not heard a word from her. I know if she wanted to stop seeing me she would let me know. I have a feeling of dread. That, impending-doom feeling.

I haven’t told the dummy about her, but I asked him why he put that online. He said he thought it was funny. He put lunchbox instead of glovebox because I never use a lunchbox but a lot of the guys that work there do. It would have people wondering who it was, if they happened to know a woman with that name.
I thought yeah, if they know a woman with that distinctive name they’ll know exactly who she is, and he didn’t think about the problem it might cause her.

This morning I made a dumb mistake when I got off work. As I was walking to my car, the dummy was waiting on the passenger side and he was looking up at the building.
I turned around and looked right at the window where her husband’s office is. The light inside was not on and I couldn’t see anything and I started wondering about her. I wondered if maybe he hasn’t been coming to work and what that might mean. Then he stepped up to the window, staring right at me. Startled the heck out of me but it was hard to stop looking. Our eyes were locked. Now I know he thinks I had something to do with her.

If something has happened to her and I hear about it, I will tell the police. If I should have an accident or disappear before that happens, I hope some cop sees this and knows that her husband is responsible.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • It’s 2:54AM Monday, February 10th, 2020.

    I haven’t heard anything from MxxxxY at all. I absolutely know she would contact me if she could. I can’t contact her without making things worse, if she’s alive.
    I can’t ask about her. I don’t know the high-ups at work and now her husband was watching me Friday morning 2 hours before shift change. 2 hours before he would normally be at work.

    Him or another supervisor asked the dummy that rides with me if he posted the notice on TattleTales.
    I can’t believe the dummy actually told them he didn’t and when asked, he says he never heard of MxxxxY. Smartest thing he’s ever done, if he actually pulled it off.
    I didn’t tell him to deny anything. I hadn’t told him anything at all, but he knows now something is up, connected to the panties, in my car, but I haven said what.

    I think my place is being watched. I haven’t gone anywhere and I’ve heard the same sounding vehicles drive by several times today. I don’t look out. Don’t want to let them think I’m scared.
    Dummy wants to know what’s going on. Said a lot worse than his notice has been put on tattletales and no questions asked. He didn’t offer to pay for or even pump the gas Saturday when we did the weekly fill up. So now the dummy is going to expect a free ride because he’s covering for me.
    If something happens to me, at some point there would be an investigation and I just want the cops to know that the missing guy is me and I’m tied to MxxxxY, the missing wife of one of the bosses where I work.
    Her name will tie this all together. I can’t tell more right now because I can’t chance someone calling and telling the bosses what happened between me and his wife. I’ve got to sleep all I can because I can’t sleep very well and I’ve made mistakes at work.

  • This sounds like something out of a movie, what was the final outcome? Was she able to reach out to let you know she’s okay? Have you met back up with your coworker you gave rides to?

  • The reason there are two reports is, I submitted the first one on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can’t remember now, but it wasn’t in here. I thought I messed up so on Thursday I rewrote this one and then they both came online at the same time.

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