A Child Who Smokes: Whats it Like to Smoke so Young?

There’s lots of forums on the net these days about parents, aunties etc who have helped their young kids become smokers. In my case, my Aunty thought when I was 7 that it would be nice for me to have a try and that smoking would help relieve my insecurities & uptightness. Oh the experience was just wonderful and while sitting on Auntys lap in front of the heater I took my first puffs and was lovingly shown how to inhale. My first ever lung hit of smoke was the most sensual and comforting feeling I had ever known. Aunty told me how much pleasure she could see I was feeling and said to me that even though I was just 7 she would help me get started. Within just a few days, I was smoking with Aunty throughout each day and I loved every cigarette I smoked. Within ten days Aunty said to me that she knew I was now addicted like her and would now have no choice but to keep smoking. I felt happy like never before, loved and trusted. Let me tell you what it was like.

As a little boy with a quickly developed smoking addiction I now had a way that I could depend on to feel relaxed. My ants in my pants instantly went away and I smoked to sooth myself. As a young smoker I became more settled and mature.

Everyday my Aunty made sure I would have sufficient opportunities to smoke and satisfy my need for nicotine. Every time I lit up, I instantly felt safe and no one could hurt me. My cigarettes were my security blanket.

I felt bonded with Aunty and we often talked about our smoking desires. I was allowed to smoke in front of her friends and I loved being viewed as a smoker. I smoked with Aunty in the car, at the cafe and sometimes in the hair salon.

As a child that smoked I now had an adult level addiction that I had to feed everyday. Aunty helped me incorporate smoking into my daily routines. Most days, even during the school week I was smoking a packet of 25s a day and, even though I often felt huge cravings, I didn’t mind and couldn’t wait for the luxury of my next lungful of delicious smoke.

Aunty told me that I suited being a smoker and how adorable I looked with a burning cigarette between my lips. I loved seeing myself in the mirror smoking and I felt aroused even though I was pre pubescent.

As a smoker I had a newfound identity and Felt strong sexual awakenings as a smoker. I felt sexy and loved other kids and their mothers watching me. I knew with Aunty I was safe and I made sure that people watching me smoke knew that I was a proper smoker.

I was better able to concentrate and my schoolwork got better.

I was much happier and loved being encouraged by Aunty to smoke often, drag on my smoke heavily and enjoy the sensually of smoke entering my lungs.

I loved knowing that inside my Auntys smoke filled house it was now my own smoke that was a part of it. I loved smelling like a smoker.

I loved being encouraged by Aunty to drag h****** my cigarettes hollowing out my little cheeks and seeing my ember burn bright orange. I was happy for Aunty to help me become a “heavy” smoker like her.

I felt so proud of myself and knew I never wanted to stop. I knew I had entered an adult world and I never once regretted being a smoker so young.

If you are a mother etc who smokes and have kids I can honestly say to you that, if you help them to get started, the love between u as they become little smokers will grow stronger and whenever they light up they will feel like the most special little boy or girl in the world.

If u feel hesitant to do such a thing I would be happy to counsel you and reassure you that a child that is allowed to smoke has many newfound advantages.

Would love to hear people’s feelings and stories of kids smoking.

Jul 5, 2021

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  • Omg, that reminds me about how I started my daughter at her age of 7. As a heavy smoking mom puffing through 3 packs a day, I know how wonderful smoking is. But my daughter always seemed to be insecure and unhappy.

    Once she just turned 7 I told her to just try a cigarette for fun. She did and instantly loved it. From then her unhappyness and insecurness were gone. Didnt took her long for being a 1ppd smoker.

    That was 9 years ago. My daughter now is 16 years old and a very happy 4ppd smoking girl for almost 4 years. She now really enjoys life. She often tells me that smoking really brighten up her days. I am happy I did that decision 9 years ago!

  • Thanks for being open and honest. email me if you like so we can share similar smoking experiences...paul.horgan@ymail.com

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