Smoking Families

My Confession is that I want to write a book about Smoking Families, and the passing down of the addiction from one generation to the next. I would love to speak to anyone who has been encouraged to start smoking by their mother, aunty, etc. when you growing up. I know there are quite a few threads on Confession Post about mothers that encourage their child to smoke when they are still very young, and I'd love to communicate with you lovely moms and what has made you do this and what the experience is like for mothers, aunties etc watching their precious child become a smoker.

This book would be called "With Aunty's Blessing" and would begin with an introduction that would make it clear that, like it or not, and although we might not broadcast the fact, their are multiple people out there who have experiences of childhood development of a smoking addiction. I would provide my own account of what it felt like as a 7-year-old to be guided by my aunty to start smoking and what my childhood was like with a heavy smoking addiction.

I would like to people who have either been a child who was encouraged to smoke, and/or an adult who has helped their child begin smoking. I know that this is a taboo issue, and that if it regarded as socially forbidden to corrupt a child into cigarette addiction, but it happened to me, and I can honestly say that it was the best thing I could have imagined to be allowed to smoke with my aunty as a child. I felt so much calmer and less uptight, I felt special and trusted, and felt sensual and kind of sexy, and I felt so grown up and lucky to have taken on an adult size dependence on smoking.

If you have been involved as either an adult or a child in the guidance of a child to start smoking, I'd love to hear from you and interview you for my book - rest assured everything would be confidential.

The issues I'd like to cover are:
1. Smoking while pregnant
2. Smoking while breast feeding
3. Smoking inside with your child on your knee
4. The desire for your child to become a smoker
5. At what age would you begin getting your child started smoking
6. Teaching your child to inhale
7. Your pleasure watching your child feel the sensuality of their smoke going into their lungs
8. Watching and talking to your child about the process of addiction that they will be going through as they continue smoking
9. Encouragement and pressure from a mother, aunty etc. to smoke heavily and drag deeply
10. Smoking at home as a family - bonding
11. Femininity for a little girl (or boy) of smoking
12. Coping with smoking addiction while at school
13. Letting your child smoke in the car and in public
14 A brand of cigarettes for your child - menthol?
15. How a child feels once they are a fully addicted smoker
16. Relationship to starting smoking young and the development of a smoking fetish
17. Describing in a person's own words how special smoking as a child is/was for them.

This is a serious matter, because, although "normal" people may despise us and force us underground, like it or not, people like us are out there and being a part of a smoking family can indeed be a very nurturing and loving process for adult and child alike.

Please only reply if you are sincere and honest. This will be a book that will tell our stories and describe the feelings of people like us who either started smoking as a child and/or encouraged your child/niece/nephew etc. to start when they were only little.

My conclusion is that, despite the health risks the ability of a child to smoke is one that gives much needed comfort and security to a child and helps them to take on a habit that becomes a part of their identity and the way in which they live their little lives.

If this disgusts you, please just move onto the next confession, but if this rings bells for you, and you have a story that you would like to contribute to this book, please reply and let me know what the best way to chat with you is.

Go well and may you light your next cigarette with desire and fire...

Aug 31, 2021

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  • Makes me feel happy and warm to see a little kids smoking they should be taught to smoke while they are toddler. By smokingjaws1234

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