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I don't need to be bombarded by do-gooders and those of you who think it their entitlement to pass judgement. Like it or not, there is an active community out there of mothers, fathers, aunties, and grannies who have made a deliberate decision to give their child the pleasure of cigarette smoking. If you search even just this sight as well as mister poll, you will see that we are definitely out there and we are growing in numbers.

If you are of a similar mindset to my own about the beauty of helping your child to discover the joys of smoking, and have helped them to transition into a full time properly addicted young smoker, then I have a question for you.

Would you be interested in a dedicated website in which we could share openly with each other our thoughts, feelings, stories, and photos about the wonderful experience the development of a childhood addiction to smoking has been for you. We could discuss with each other how smoking has helped our children become more mature, better able to concentrate and a newfound way of releiving their tensions and insecurities. I think other issues that we may like to discuss are:
(a) How many cigarettes per day your little one is smoking and whether you agree that smoking feels at its best for our children when they have become heavy 20+ a day smokers.
(b) Ways of dealing with the difficulty for your child of being unable to smoke at school/pre-school.
(c) Teaching your girls to smoke like a little lady, including helping them with make-up hair doo's, so that they look even more adorable as they smoke.
(d) Smoking together as a family.
(e) Whether to tell your friends/family that your child is now a smoker.
(f) Smoking with your son/daughter in the car, walking down the street, and in public places.
(f) Helping your child to find the best brand for themselves, and maybe if you think that it is nicer to introduce children to menthol cigarettes.
(G) What does the law say about what we are doing, and are there loopholes what we can extract advantages from.
(H) Smoking while pregnant and breastfeeding.
(I) How old is the right a

If you would be interested in being a supporter of such a site, then I would like to make it happen. There are so many much worse things out there in the world than what we are doing.

Let me know if you think this is a good idea, and if there is a level of interest then I'll begin creating a supportive place for us to come together and explore the issues we face, and the joys that we feel when we see out children light themselves up and puff contentedly on their cigarette.

This confession is not a joke, I have been both a child of 7 who was guided by a very supportive aunty to start smoking, and have never once in my 43 years as a smoker ever wanted to stop - I just like how smoking makes me feel too much to walk away from my love affair with my cigarettes.

I have also been a parent and a grandparent who has helped my two kids and us recently our 5 year old granddaughter start smoking, and I know that for me, both as a smoking child and a parent who has encouraged my children to start smoking, it has been a hugely joyful experience to be a part of.

This is a sincere and serious idea I want to get out there, so if you think I should be publicly flogged, you need not reply - I want this confession post to bring people together not sling mud and pass judgement at good people who have chosen to do something that they know is the best thing for their smoking family.

With love xoxo

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  • **. Very good idea

  • Yes i love the idea of a web site talking about and teaching little kids to smoke good healthy cigarettes. smokingjaws1234

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