I settled for a moron

I settled for the nice guy but he's also a moron and just plain useless. I've been with him for 3 years and now we have a baby together. In the first year it was fun but in the back of my mind he was just temporary until I figure out how to break it off. Then his mother came into town and I just love her. I also for some reason fell more in love with him because he was so sweet to his mother. Then we moved in together and it wasn't to bad, we had just the normal couple fights once in awhile. We both didn't see much of each other because we worked full time. Fast forward now with a new baby and a pandemic causing us both to be home 24/7 I am just so sick of his face. He has no friends he doesn't leave the house, he just sits there or lays on the floor or couch and watch YouTube or play video games. He does help out with the baby when asked to, the point is he acts like an 18 year old child. He throws tantrums like a teenager being yelled at and throwing his phone across the room. You are a 34 year old grown ass man, get your s*** together! Get a f****** haircut for god sakes! Also who lays on the floor after dinner with their hairy gut sticking out farting and complaining how hard life is. He's failed at multiple job interviews for not having a personality. Ok, not everyone will be good at interviews so go outside and fix the house, work on the garden, clean the gutters, but of course he has no idea how to do any of that so I go outside and supervise. There's absolutely nothing he knows or can do not unless I teach him or supervise. I think when my son is a bit older and this pandemic is over he will need to leave. I cannot be in the same room as him any longer

Jan 16, 2021

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  • You’re the moron

  • You should praise your boyfriend/husband and encourage him. Have him exercise, have him get some clippers and try learning how to cut hair. Get into regular habits like cleaning, making the bed, having side jobs etc. Its easy to brrak things, and harder to buikd up. Dont give up.

  • Well, it seems you are already halfway there to making him your servant/slave.
    You supervise his work. And the fact he lays on the floor a lot. You need a footstool. Use him as such. You need to be laid by a real man then cuckold him. Make him watch or lick your feet while a real man satisfies you.
    There are tons of websites that will walk you through how to do this. Step out of the box. You are already a Dominate.
    I made my husband a slave 3 years ago. Now my house is always clean, clothes washed and put away, the car is washed, grass is cut, my boots dust free. As I type this my feet are warm on his face and chest. Life is good.

  • Life is way to short. You have also found that the stupid have no idea how stupid they are. Find a lover, have an affair. A smart, successful, married man that loves his family will give you what you need until you can get a divorce. And he won't interfere with your life, and you won't interfere with his. Just get the occasional D, have adult conversation, and leave it at that. Most married guys are looking for that.

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