Not really sure what to make as a title, not sure what category... I didn't see pathetic loser or I would have picked that.

This story is an infidelity story from the late 80s. It has all kinds of betrayal and everything that comes along but mostly it's me confessing that I was wrong of how I handled the situation and I am essentially or was a pathetic loser.

my new wife and I along with our one year old new baby moved into Massachusetts because my unit was at Fort Devens. We lived out west down route 2 in a small town. We rented an apartment in a duplex and there was another duplex in the same area. Our babysitter and her husband, retired people was on the end, and then there was an older couple with their new baby I will call him J late 40s and K... late 30s. The other apartment next to us had some other military guy and his family in there. he was in another unit but the same group, we hardly ever seen each other. It's funny because to this day we are almost best friends but back then we hardly knew each other.

So, once we were moved in and about six months into living there I was deployed a lot and when I would come home everything would be fine I would spend as much time as I could with my wife and baby. One time I came home from deployment and my wife had bought a new Harley Davidson sportster using our joint acct at the credit union. She had become friends with the couple next to the babysitter. J had a sportster as well. evidently they had become friends and started working together at the same factory. I thought it was a bit odd but WTH works for me I guess. Immediately some of my buddies informed me that sportsters are like only one step up from a Harley Davidson T-shirt. I wish I would've known that at the time.

Looking back at it now, I should've realize something was up because we were holding hands crossing the parking lot on the way to pick up our son from the babysitter one time and as soon as J walked out onto his porch she immediately dropped her hand from mine and picked up one of the little puppies it just seemed abrupt but I guess now it made perfect sense.

OK so fast forward another six months and I am returning from another deployment early. we were due to fly back in on a Tuesday and I had arranged to get home a little early so I could spend 4 July with the family. I finagled a flight that got me in there Friday afternoon. I arrived home and my brother-in-law was taking suitcases out the door. I asked him what was up and of course he didn't have an answer except they were leaving.

About that time here came my 20 something year old hot wife... T and the old guy J ... K's husband driving my car! as they pulled up I still was clueless but then I realized she was leaving so that was more important than some dude that was later I would find out was out to dinner with my wife like a goodbye dinner.

So a huge argument starts and she says she's leaving taking the baby with her will talk about it later ECTECTECT so I am totally shocked and everybody just leaves and I'm standing out there in the middle of the little driveway like a dumb ass.

So I go to the babysitters apartment and knock on the door and ask Sue what is going on. At first she refuses to answer what had been going on but it was almost like it excited her as well? Kind of like she was enjoying telling me what was happening. Evidently J's wife K had left six months prior (I never noticed that) because her husband was jealously pacing by the bedroom window of their apartment while my hot wife was... Wait for it Yep dating her best friends boyfriend, waiting for her to be dropped off home. I had no idea any of this was happening! I do remember her not mentioning her best friend anymore and I did ask her what it happened between the two of you. Trish said it was just a fight and nothing big they weren't really best friends anymore. Later I would find out that she was s******* her boyfriend. evidently they would meet off of Route two towards our houses there was a school off the highway and they would park in the parking lot. Evidently that drove Joe crazy with jealousy as he wanted my hot wife too.

So as you can imagine everything is starting to fall into place and I wanted to explode but I didn't know what to do. I guess I kept thinking that cooler heads would prevail and she would come back.

About two months later, I got a phone call and it was my wife and she was headed back to Massachusetts. I thought hey you know will work this out except she was driving up with him as he flew down there to get her. They moved to a house in NH and then another. that lasted for two months and then I got a call and she wanted me to get all of her stuff out of storage and out of their house and take her back to Texas.

if you recall I use the word pathetic loser at the beginning of the story so you might imagine what I did. I was doing everything I could to make her happy I thought maybe if she was in Texas with her family and separated from me that may be again cooler heads will prevail but I should've known better.

I just wonder what this guy had! My wife's father had passed away and I thought she might've been drawn to older males. He was a Vietnam vet, proud of his service sometimes I thought he might've been a truck driver or a cook because he just seem to be too proud of his service? I DK who am I. But I'm really curious how did this almost 50-year-old dude get away with taking my hot wife away? How did he win out over the other boyfriend? I laugh about it now but man did it s**** me up.

when I got her back to Texas it wasn't long before she started dating another old guy, this one had gray hair so it must've been something about her father. She was married a couple of more times and for now I think she's happy and living the good life. I wish her well. Now to confess.

I had the opportunity to take him out one day on the hwy. I didn't plan it but it was an opportunity. He was on his bike even though it was still kind of slushy and I did swerve the vehicle he didn't wipe out and he kept going I pulled off the side of the road and realized what I was trying to do. It would've been so easy to just keep driving towards the left. I don't know what makes me more pathetic how I handled my wife or how I handled him. Pathetic... I have the title now

Oct 18, 2021

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