Caught in the act

I was staying at my sisters house in her spare bedroom. She worked during the day, I was unemployed. This worked out to my advantage since I liked to dress as a woman & go walking around the neighborhood. I was dressing up every day & the urge to look more feminine was getting to the point to where I was having a hard time fighting it off. Finally, I couldn't fight it any longer & I gave into my urges, instead of wearing my hair up in a bun, I bought a frosting kit & frosted my hair before setting it in curlers. Next I got a pair of tweezers & plucked my eyebrows pencil thin with a high, feminine arch in them, after putting on my dress & heels, I did my makeup, when I was done, I got a safety pin & pierced my ears & put two over sized hoop earrings in the holes. I took out my curlers, styled my hair & grabbed my purse & headed out the front door, just as I closed the door, my sister pulled into the driveway. She got out of her car & walked over to me & asked me why I was dressed like a girl, I just started crying & said that I wanted to be a girl, my sister put her arm around me & told me it was ok, just to lighten the mood, she told me that I was a very pretty girl.

Feb 28

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  • Next you’ll want some dude to pack you hard

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