It's a habit now but everyone wins, right?

My best friend and I've known each other since we were in 4th grade. We do everything together, EVERYTHING. Well almost everything. We are both married to great guys and we've never told them we have s** but they probably suspect. I'd say we both have great lives except one thing. My friend and I both like a*** play but neither of our husbands are into it at all. She and I play around a little but we don't lick each other's b*******. So we heard about someone else doing this, maybe it was on this website but we started buying a couple bottles of cheap booze and we drive down to a homeless encampment and give a bottle to anyone who will eat out our a*******. We've had a couple men do it and even a woman once (she would've probably been happier with crack but she took the booze). What's surprising is how they get really into it. I didn't realize it would feel that good to have a tongue up my a-hole. So my friend and I are both hooked on rim jobs. Homeless people get booze and have some fun and our husbands don't have to try something they don't wanna do. So I think everyone wins?

Mar 30

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