I am a mid 30's single mom of 2, I have been ingle for 5 years and have not dated, No hookups, Nothing until recently, So it seems I went from 0 to 100 in one step. I was at a community event with my youngest and my oldest was with my dad and my mom was with us, After the event was over my mom offered to take my youngest since some of the parents were talking about going for drinks, She said "Yeah, Go have fun, I'll take the kids for the night, We can drop them off at noon on our way out of town headed to your sisters place" So we went to my place, Packed a bag and they left.
I had a quick shower since it was hot that day and I was all sweaty then I got dressed, Nothing crazy, I had zero intentions of doing anything with anyone who was going to be there so just socks, Runners, A mid thigh denim skirt, Bra and a tank top, I didn't even put in contacts, Just wore my glasses and a pony tail with literally zero makeup. I walked over to the house things were happening at since it was 4 blocks away and we sat by the fire out back until midnight...ish, Those still there moved inside and we had a few more drinks, I took a 6 pack with me and that's all I planned to drink but someone broke out the tequila and we had some shots, I think even some whiskey and maybe a few sour puss shots.
I don't remember the exact moment I realized I was in trouble but somehow along the way the coach and his wife had taken a shine to me and everyone there knew what was happening except the one who should have been more situationally aware...ME!!!!! As the party ended everyone was leaving, I was sitting on the couch with her and talking but I knew I should be getting up to go home, She kept distracting me and kept me there talking until I watched him close the door and it was like a switch flipped, Her hand was on my thigh, She leaned in and I leaned in and then we were kissing.
I just have in my mind a collage of pictures or video clips from the night, It was crazy, He sat beside me and put his arm around us, We continued to kiss and then I was **. I am....Chesty but not very happy with my chest, I have kids, Breast fed both so...Yeah, Anyway a hand slid up my inner thigh and I moaned feeling the touch of a warm hand on something that hasn't been touched in a LONG time, He pulled my head back by my hair and kissed me as she said "Oh (My name) no ** and bald...Nice", He mentioned something about leaving my skirt and shoes on so she did. I was transitioned to my knees in front of him standing and don't remember how we got there but we did, His pants came down and he was a good size, not crazy big but above average and cut thank goodness because foreskin grosses me out.
She knelt behind me and massaged his ** as I sucked him, Then she was groping my chest and reaching under my skirt, We moved to the couch and I was sat down, Legs spread, She knelt in front of me, Him behind her and did that for a while, First time for me and yikes, I may have liked it a little too much. He pulled out of her and laid me down, She knelt beside me and he did me missionary on the couch still with my skirt around my waist, Her kissing me and sucking my nips, He announced he was about to finish and pulled out, She grabbed it and managed to swallow some, Some on me and just kinda messy and everywhere, and he never missed a beat, Flipped me over, One knee on the floor, One leg on the couch and went right back to it, I remember being a little embarrassed about how wet I was, I was so wet I could hear it when he was pounding me but it was like mini O's over and over and then....BAM!!!!!, I moaned out loud, I was so loud and probably sounded ridiculous but it was like a river, Me and her kissing as he slid his thumb in my ** and it hit and then he pulled my hair and she grabbed both nips as he went hard and fast and it sounded like a wet mop getting slapped against a wall repeatedly and I could feel it literally splashing on my thighs and **.
So many things going on all at once, Thumb up my **, Nips being pinched, Hair pulled and being pounded at the same time, I am pretty sure my moans turned to screams of pleasure and I collapsed, He pulled out after I moaned "Stop, Stop, Stop...too much...Need a break", We all rolled onto the floor again and it was just hands and tongues and fingers and I didn't get my recovery time LOL. Next she had her head between my thighs, He as kneeling beside my head and I tried to focus on sucking him hard again but she as doing something...I can't even describe it but it was sending shock waves through my body and every wave felt like it rippled up my body and made my nips want to explode. They are usually kinda longer than average I think, but I looked down and I swear they were double the normal size and ACHING!!!!!
We switched positions and she was on her knees, My head on her lap, Her squeezing my ** together while he ** ** me and then he moved back down, He slid it back in me and she gently set my head on the floor, I knew then I was about to do something I had always sort of kept on my to never do list, She straddled my face and lowered herself down, My hands on her hips, Her holding my legs open, Him inside me, Her licking my ** and BAM!!!! Second O and I think it was bigger than the first all over the floor.
He pulled out, Came on her pelvis which ran down as I went back to licking her and then she came on my face, Not like my O's but it was still obvious.
Then somehow we all ended up in bed, He definitely got it up 3 times, I don't remember much of the bedroom but it was another whirl wind and I am almost certain I had 2 more, One for sure but regardless, There was a lot more ** in the bed between all of us and somehow I lost track of time.
I looked out the window and realized it was stupid o'clock in the morning, Sun starting to break the horizon and birds chirping and I was starting to sober up, I bolted, I told them I had to go, scrambled for my shoes and skirt, Could only find one shoe, Couldn't find my bra so pulled my shirt on and bolted carrying my one shoe.
I walked out the door and as I hit the sidewalk I looked back and realized all the curtains were open, Front and back and I could see right through their house, I continued home at I believe around 6 A.M. wearing my skirt and my shirt with one shoe in my hand, My hair a mess and literally still had come dripping down my leg, I could feel it, My shirt was just a pink tank top and not super covery so 3 blocks down their street past multiple people, Mostly older people but there was one couple I knew going out to their car and they just stared as I passed with my head down in my see through tank top and then I rounded the corner to make the 1 block bolt to my house and **....My best friend and her husband along with his brother are pulling into my driveway.
My best friend and her husband stood there with a guy I kinda was interested in (His brother) and watched as I walked up, I opened my door and invited them in, They told me they had just returned from their road trip and were going to stop for coffee but she said "I'll be back" and they left, I showered and before I was even dressed she was back at my door, She came in as I poured a coffee and looked at me saying "WTF happened to you?". I stared at her and she said "Are you ok?", I couldn't find the words to say what I knew I had to say, She is my best friend and she would totally know if I was lying so I said "Ya know Mark and Kelsie?", She said "Uhhh, Yaaaa..." I nodded and she gasped and her eyes got huge. She slid her chair closer and said "Tell me...All of it...Are you F'ing for real????"
I told her everything and she sat staring at me in awe and then I said "Well...Fuuuck, Say something", She just shook her head and said "Fuuck ya girl...Good for you, It's about time you got some". I didn't expect that reaction but she said "Meh, Whatever, I won't judge you for it" But...As I found out she was apparently the only one, Remember how I said the curtains were open ya so at least one of their neighbors, A younger couple watched and from what I have heard they are the ones blabbing all over town and telling everyone every detail, They know more about it than I do and have filled in a couple blanks for me but...WTF, Why did they have to blab all over town about it, Now people are saying some really not nice stuff about me and I have heard rumors there is a video of some of it but o one has been able to prove that to me yet. I live in a small city of 15,000 people and I can't go anywhere without all eyes on me.
I have received nasty letters on my windshield, Almost every single guy in town is texting me, I have received texts from two different couples and I am Like....NO...Stop it, Haven't you ever done something out of character, Just go away, Let it be over and forget already. I DO NOT wish it never happened, I just wish the curtains were closed.

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A person suppose to understand learn know something new everyday

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  • Just own it, it also means that you can easily find people in the village now to have fun with

  • Nice story.

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