Elite douches vs. elite snobs

That I enjoy seeing the works of fine art being destroyed by environmental nutcases. Fine art is merely the expression of one's own wealth, or a vehicle for wealth investment. In either case, it's only for the ultra wealthy. So, ** them and their art.
I don't sympathize with the protesters either. As usual, environmentalist ideologues are making their point with wanton destruction. And as usual, their message is totally lost for shock value.
I like seeing the wealthy cringe at the destruction of fine art and for the enviro nuts be arrested.
It's like watching a "** fight", except this is a bit more sporting.

Oct 28

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  • Yeah they're are many people who appreciate fine art and history who can never afford to own it. Destroying it isn't hurting the rich **, they have insurance. It's ** it up for everyone.

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