REGRET......after getting married and moving several states away we settled in for a job that it would keep him there for at least 5 years...His company paid a good salary and benefits.. things were going awesome... till he found out i had an affair with a local ......he told to get out of his life..
I had a horrified time dealing with that ....i cried endlessly he wouldn't come home afterwork nor with they allow me in to the job site ......i found all his stuff was gone ..and that was the end of the story...annulment showed up ....i had no money for the rent barely enough money for gas to drive home ....he totally disappeared got transferred to another job site.. and that was it for my life...i tried to get help from the guy i had an affair and he just thru me out and said get away stop bothering me....i was trash to him a piece of ** for the occasion... I lost it all within 8 months of marriage...even though i'm still young i was able to move back with my parents.
It's a hard lesson to learn at an early part of your life...he was a good man all the way around ..and i screwed it up....i won't ever forget Will ...and i miss him at least i don't feel like taking my life anylonger

May 4

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  • Go out and start getting **, you will feel better

  • Hopefully you've learned all that ** and the city ** is just that - **. You'll find yourself old and alone very quickly.

  • Another stupid woman throws away a good guy, because she can't keep her ** legs closed and wants to ** a Bad Boy. You got what you deserve!!!

  • Lots of us have made some big mistakes.
    Try not to beat yourself up too much.
    Good to see you're moving on some.....
    Keep going, I can tell you that it does get better. Your job is just to hang in there until it does!
    It does get better!

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