The guilt still hangs...

So im the assistant teacher at a day care in the one year olds room, i started about a year ago and its my first time ever working in the child care industry.on valentines day and we were having a small party for the kids. Well i had just handed out all the goodies and the main teacher was passing out juice. We had one of the childs parent in there too, i was getting ready to go around to see if anyone needed something and i noticed one of the little boys who only came for that day, cough something out so i go over and start lightly patting his back and thats when i noticed that he was still coughing something up. I starting pushing on his stomach a little and it just seemed to get worse a second later both i and the parent of another child noticed that this boy was choking on a small peice of brownie i had given thrm. I was paniking and called my co worker over and she quickly pulled up a chair and turned the boy on his stomach and layed him on her knees and stuck her fingers in his mouth. She could not do much because he was biting her. I knew he stopped breathing when she told me to go get someone so i ran and got one of my managers i didnt go back into the room because i had to stay with the older kids. The ambulance was called and the took the little boy to the hospital. My boss callef me into her office alond with the main teacher of my room and asked me what happened. By this point i was filled with so much guilt i could'nt breath. My boss told me that the little boy was alright and that he was running around at the hospital but she also told me when she went in therr and they flipped him over she thought he was dead. Thoes 5 words kept repeating in ky head over and over again. I ended up sitting in her office thinking about ehat she said and crying and she told me i could go home and to sleep. Even when i wrnt back in the room all i could see is this little boy who was still alive ,almost choke to death right in front of me. When i got home i cried myself to sleep. I had nightmares for 3 days and had to take sleeping pills to get a full night sleep.I was not fired from my job which im thankful for. And i guess choking on food is a common thing for that littlw boy because he does not chew his food at all and his parents didnt bother telling us that when we asked. Still yo this day if one of the kids even coughs while eating i freak out.

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  • If your working with children you should have a CPR and first aid Certified

  • Yikes!

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