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At 17 in my junior year my grandfather(with whom I live)is urging me to get ready for life and s***. Only thing is what I'm interested in are the two fields he worked and he doesn't want me in (Military and then police force). However he tells me that I should do want and make my own decision. However the disappointment in his voice is soooooooo f****** evident. The service calls to me and I want to help people with my life in a way that's useful.Not much I can do.

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  • There are heaps of illegitimates as well and I still believe that all this culture and agenda for surrogacy and sperm and egg donation is going to wreck the genetics of the world also. You will find more inbreding agendas via all this and to see men rejecting healthy uterus's of women is really a sick act, but they need this culture for the 100% gay movement ! I feel hurt that men have rejected my uterus that could have had babies. So its a sign of the times that were being programmed into us to stop producing so only their elites s** around like dirty disgusting swill and only their genes have rights to bred unlike most of us. I am supposed to have some silly French nobel, Irish, English, or whatever blood and they don't care about me. It has not helped me any so it can't be that great but are these people worth knowing? kate middleton? beyonce? a pair of black holes, smart a**** and aholes of the universe, I mean really? I always thought ellen looked like diana and I was right.

  • Pick a job in the military that you can use the training in actual civi life. Like military police, air flight traffic controller. Pilot.

    Don't enlist in a combat role if you plan on using your job as reference. ie. Infantry. Will not get you a job right after you leave the military.

  • Well, yes it is true that you do need to start getting ready for life and s***. And your grandfather can of course offer his opinion, but it is your life and you need to figure out things for yourself. It's always good to keep an open mind. And maybe consider talking with a police officer to see what you would have to do to get into other positions..maybe being a detective or an agent would interest you. It would also be good to sit with your grandfather and ask him to give you more details about his experiences and elaborate on why he's not for you becoming a cop or joining the military. And then share with him your reasons. You may not be able to change his mind, but you may have a clearer understanding of his reasoning. And if you share your point of view, he may understand you a bit more.

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