In life.. We are all watched!!!!

No matter what ,just realize that someone somewhere is watching your every move! Financially especially. Since financial decisions rule our future can become homeless pretty easy. When u go on a downward spiral of bad decisions. People don't care VB because they want their money?!!!! You aren't worth s*** to the American economy orthe world if you don't have your s*** together and fight for yourself. We can all wait for devil to show up and put us out our misery...and trust me..there are people like that who get enjoyment from others misery!!!!!!!! So I guess we have to reach down deep and see what we are made of.

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  • Whoever is watching can f*** themselves......

  • You need to laugh - stop taking things so seriously

  • This sounds so fear based and menacing. Life isn't like that for me.

  • It is for some

  • Who is VB

  • Spelling error

  • Someone somewhere is watching people's every moves - pfft; not in my neighborhood; there's a bunch of gangstas' up in here going about their business everyday with no consequences

  • I mean as in let's say u have loans and such and default and maybe u got a bad rep from not paying mortgage on time or whoever and then pretty soon..depending on what type of people u owe money could sticky. Some people like to play games with other people's emotions etc..s**** em up because they r psychopaths.

  • Go take your meds

  • Stfu please

  • How can you get a bad rep from owing money or falling behind - it's called bad credit. You seem to take things way to personal! Are you threatening someone? Are you oh that powerful? Everybody had a boss & there's always a work around pfft!

  • Stfu

  • U stfu

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