Talking to an ex Jehovah Witness is like talking to a refugee

I keep harping about the so-called Witnesses because they have a church within walking distance of my house. I interact with them quite often. Despite my dislike of this religion and believe me, I do intensely hate this could I have a friend who was in this offbeat group from birth until he decided to quit.

His deconversion happened after he met a girl outside the faith and she and her brother got him out. He married the girl and is now a member of a moderately successful band.

He was introduced to holidays such as Christmas, his own birthday etc. The JW'S don't celebrate either occasion. He depends on his in-laws for the family as every single member of his family including his parents and siblings have shunned him for life or until he rejoins after some sort of penance or whatever ritual this mumbo jumbo religion has in mind.

He's a good guy. Their loss. He has a great son with a baby on the way.

Please please if these monsters come to your door get rid of them. They deserve not one shred of respect.

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  • My mates wife was in the salvation army. Pretty normal you think. Both her parents were in it. She was in too. A total believer. She said she only had uniform clothing to wear all her life into her 20's. Either school uniform or salvo uniform. No just ordinary clothes. Who'd have thought.

  • Motherfu.cking Salvo's !!

  • I found making lewd comments gets them going pretty quickly. I had a woman show up with her teen daughter at my door. It was hot so I let them come inside. As soon as she pulled out the Watch Tower pamphlet I knew I screwed up letting them inside. I couldn't get rid of them nicely so I though I would have some fun, I told the mom she had really great t***, the daughter turned a bit red in the face but her mother ignored the comment and kept talking. I made several other rude comments that she ignored until I said I bet every guy in Kingdom Hall wants to f*** you daughter she is hot as f***! That was it she got up grabbed her daughter by the hand and left . I have done it several other times even when they have sent men. I got rid of them by simply asking if they liked sucking d*** or if they want me to suck them off. They usually cant get out the door fast enough.

  • Haha nice !!

  • Well, when you do that that's being worse than they are. JW'S are a minor nuisance but you being a pervert was worse.

  • No, no it was not. When someone is so determined to shove their beliefs down your throat that they'll take advantage of your tolerance (OP let them in because it was hot outside), they deserve no less. Nor will they take "no" for an answer, another similarity to rapists.

    If OP just walked up to a random stranger and pulled this kind of thing, that would be d0uchey beyond all reason. In this scenario, they started something and he ended it in an effective way that will (hopefully) prevent future potentially awkward or annoying situations. Use that fact to soothe your butt-hurt. If it's not enough, well... can I fvck your daughter?

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