I habe Rumatoid arthritis and fibromygia. I started smoking in 2010 at work it was the odd cigarette with. Colleges then i started to get withdraw system when i was not at work.
So on the way to work three months into starting i went into the newsagents and bought three packet i right away felt guilty. I before entering work i stood outside and smoked two cigarette one after the other. I have never done that before.
Then up in the locker room i was in my handbag looking for my idea badge when the three packet of cigarette fell out. One of my coullege was so shocked. He thought i was only a casual smoker. I said that i just bought the three packets out of madness. He said their is no such thing as madness if you are a smoker. He said welcome to the world of being a smoker. I was pleased. He encouraged me to smoke during my break. I just loved the atmosphere of being around the smokers at work.

Nov 2, 2019

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  • Jeeeeezus.
    I'm sick of that FAKE illness Fibromyalgia.
    It's just made up s*** for work shy scum to use as an excuse to claim as much benefits off the state as possible!!

  • Oh no, this a****** again. He was on another site talking constantly about cigarette smoking, and now he's going to drown this place with bullshit stories about how he's been at it since 2010. Looks like the pedos and bellytards and that mentally deficient Gregory guy have some real competition now! Who can cry the loudest for attention? Slug it out amongst yourselves!

  • Havent you heard cigg is a stick with fire at one end and an idiot at the other....quit smoking or die with cancer

  • Tbh they deserve the latter

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