Why are so many people on this site so LGBT phobic? I know some of it isn't intentional, but honestly the amount of transphobia and homophobia on here is troubling. Just why? Is there something wrong with the community? Have we done something to you? All that we really want for is you to tolerate or accept us. You don't have to agree with anything we say, or do, we just want to be accepted as human beings. Is the community really so terrible?



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  • Because faggotry is wrong and perverted and sick as f***.

  • F*** you , your wrong

  • Honest to God, none of us --- not one --- give a crap what you do with your genitals. If you want them covered in STD scabs and the fecal matter of strangers, it's okay with us. Good luck and Godspeed. We're just all very tired of hearing you talk about what you do with your genitals and creating clever or hyphenated ways of naming your perversions. Do what you want. Just shut up about it. You're embarrassing yourselves and humiliating your families and insulting everyone else. Stop already.


  • Because people think chunks of flesh or lack of them tell you who you are and who you like. They can't won't comprehend that it is your brain that tells you who you are and who you like. They think it is a choice and thats it. They can't think that a male of female can be born with a brain that is of the opposite s** making them transgendered. Or that a person brain can be attracted to the same s** making them homosexual. For you people that don't believe this put all your beliefs a side and imagine that you are having s** with the same s** person or Imagine you are the opposite s**. If you can't or that gross's you out then you are cis gendered like me. For those who don't know cis gendered means normal.

  • I got groped by a group of four gays in a restaurant one night. I finally got away from them and managed to get out to the parking lot. But they chased me down and caught me. They held me and pulled down my jeans around my ankles so I couldn't run away. Then they cut off my underwear and stuffed them in my mouth so I couldnt scream or even talk. By the time my wife got to me, the gays had me bent over the hood of a car and they were taking turns raping me in the ass. My wife just stood there watching. And crying. When they finished, she did nothing. She just kept crying. I asked her why she did nothing and didn't call for help while they raped me up the ass. she just looked at me and said, "you were enjoying yourself." I told that was crazy, that those bigdick f*** were all raping me Up the as. She just got quiet and said, "yeah they were all f****** you . . . . . . . ", the crying stopped, and she said, "but you were f****** back". "F****** back". That was her phrase. They were f****** me and I was f****** back. She said that I was thrusting back against them, like I was "trying to get every inch of meat and every drop of s**** from each man. Like I was hungry for it. She said I acted hungry for it. Like I needed it bad. She said she couldn't be married to someone who loved c*** more than she did. The divorce was quick because I didn't want her telling my parents. And because I eventually came to understand that she was right. Since then i have been the c***-crazed f***** she said I was. I cannot get enough d*** or c** inside my body. I'm small, but I still "f*** back", just like she said. I f*** back like an animal. She was right.

  • You sick in the head f*****.
    Homosexuals should be ashamed and keep their perverted thoughts to themselves.

  • Please, this was just some bored idiot

  • Yes, there are some idiots still living in the 1950s. Why do you care so much about them? There are many people here who are either LGBT or supportive, why are you ignoring them? For the drama factor? That's just rude on top of being immature.

    What you really, REALLY can't handle is clear-sighted people not worshipping you for thinking you're braver or more special than you really are. That's not going to change, no matter how many whiny screeds you put up on this sorry site.

  • We had standard in the 50's.
    Homosexuality was quite rightly illegal.
    Today we have idiots suggesting that there are more than two genders.
    Complete nonsense.
    You are male or female.
    God made the female as a companion for the female to enable them to breed.
    Any relationship other than between male and female is sick and perverted .

  • I accept you. Life is a long and winding road that has brought me much more experience and situational insight over the years.

  • We don't tolerate you because you're not normal. Far from it.
    God created Adam and Eve as man and woman simply to confirm to his wishes that together they would reproduce and continue the human race.
    No debate , man and woman . Simple.
    Any other sexual relationship is abnormal and goes against the teachings of the Bible.
    Why cant you accept that to have feelings beyond strong friendship with a person of the same gender as yourself ( male or female,there is no other gender) is wrong and upsets the majority ?

  • Isn't telling people they have to be christian against thee bible too?

  • The same reason you accept that you can't have feelings for the same s e x minus the Bible and your religious c r a p

  • You can have those feelings, sure. Just know that they are ABERRANT.

  • Any person that is attracted sexually to a person of the same s** has quite obviously been born with a defective brain.
    Simple really.

  • YES. And immoral and sinful and deianr and diseased (mentally and physically). You'll be I h*** soon.

  • BS!

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