20 years later.

My good buddy always had a smokin hot mom, Everyone always drooled over her and being so close with him I spent a lot of time at his house, I would always try and spy on her or catch glimpses if I could, After a while I would try and let her see me undressed but seldom happened. When I was 17 I made my grande move, My buddy and I were planning a camping trip and he had to work the night before so we got all packed up and I was going to stay at his house, then when he got home I would drive to the campsite and he would catch some sleep.
As it happened his mom and dad were out that night at some party and I heard them come in, I heard a set of footsteps go upstairs but didn't hear a second set, I wandered out to the kitchen and his mom was standing at the sink, drunk as f*** and hiccuping holding a glass of water, I asked of she was ok and she just waved her hand at me and stumbled to a chair and sat down, I went over to her and realized she was sooo wasted, I put my hand on her hair and stroked it and talked to her, She mumbled something and knowing full well that wasn't what she said I replied "You want to see my c***?...Well, I guess so". I whipped it out and she didn't respond, I stood there rock hard and she didn't even look at it, I stepped closer and pressed it to the side of her face which...At 17 almost made me blow my load, She leaned back and looked at it sticking up in the air and put her hand on my thigh pushing me back a bit.
She turned a bit and put her elbow on the table and rested her head on her hand shaking her head still hiccupping, I rubbed her back a little then grabbed the tab of her zipper and pulled it down, Her dress almost fell right off, She is a fairly large breasted woman and had on a strapless bra and the more she fumbled with her dress the more I was able to sneakily slip it off her shoulders and when it fell right down I grabbed the clasp on her bra and popped it open. Probably the only time I have ever gotten one to pop open that easily but she grunted and fumbled with it all and was not having any luck, I got a couple quick glimpses of her big, Round, Dark nips and then she squeezed everything together with her arms and elbows and rested her head on both hands, As she passed out she would relax and things would slip a bit and she would readjust then start passing out again, She took a deep breath and let it out and as she did everything spilled down and it seemed like she didn't notice, Both of her big nips were right there...Just begging to pop out so I reached down and just gave a little tug on her dress and out they came, Oh my god, Huge, Hangy, A few stetch marks along the sides from the weight and 3 kids and great big brown nips, those f****** were big and long.
I stood and stared until she started to lightly snore and then I reached down with shaky, Sweaty hands and it was like the heavens opened up and music started playing and angels started singing as I cupped what to this day are still the biggest t*** I have ever held. I don't remeber how long I stood there playing with them but after a minute or maybe two she folded her arms on the table and put her head down which made her t*** hang down almost resting on her lap but just enough room for me to slide my hand under and play with them. I squeezed them and massaged them and rolle dher big, Fat nips in my fingers and eventually grabbed a dishcloth and tucked it under her across her lap, I Played with her t*** while jerking and eventually stod right beside her and came all over the side of her left t** letting it drip into her lap.
I was 17 so a second round was almost guaranteed and I was playing with her nips rubbing my come on them and squeezing them but I started pulling on them, I still remember watching them stretch and the skin wrinkle as I pulled and let them slip out of my fingers, I got a good grip on the left one and started pulling and squeezing and was pulling pretty hard when she winced and let out a little whimper slurring "Owie...Oooohhh" and it was so f****** hot but then it slipped out of my fingers. I was going to grab it again and then she put her hand over her nipple and grunted, Sat up and looked at me, dozed off and then opened her eyes and cupped her big t** and covered her nip saying "Ouch" and then turned, Got up and stumbled around bumping into stuff trying to keep her dress on and wandered up the stairs.
When my buddy got home he said he couldn't do it and had to sleep so I laid in the spare bed waiting and eventually heard his parents in the kitchen, Wondering if I had been busted I sneaked to the corner and listened and was ecstatic, She was b******* at him because her nipple was hurting and she was saying "What the f*** dave, Were you messing with me last night...My f****** nip feels like it almost got torn off" Nothing was ever said to me about it in the last 20 years so.....But I ran into her at the grocery store the other day and it made me think abou t**.

Jun 2, 2021

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