I survived cancer thanks to my (future) husband's intervention

During my husband's college I worked as a teacher in a preschool. I had the three year old class. I was too skinny then, I just couldn't put on weight. The lady that owned the school had her son, who was an accountant, come over on Fridays to do the books for the week. That's where I met him. He told me I was too skinny, and pressured me to show him my rib cage and my hips, bare, no clothes on. You could count the ribs and my hip bones stuck out. He told me that I was sick and needed to see a doctor, I probably had some form of a parasite that was robbing me of nutrition, or worse, a cancer.

I didn't go, I didn't have insurance, and so he took me, pulled me out of class and put me in the car and took me to a doctor. Not the campus clinic, a real doctor's office. He paid the fee and told the doctor to examine me thoroughly, and find out what I had. Tests ruled out parasites, I had never been anywhere for that, but the tests also discovered a cancer. In my uterus, and it was advanced. I lost all my plumbing, including my ovaries and I went on chemo for a year. He saved my life.

My husband got bored with me, or actually me met a girl at school and I was in the way. My savior told me to let him go, he was a burden and I needed to get well. He took me to the mountains and rented a cabin and spent two weeks with me in the fresh air. We talked a lot and he convinced me that I was still a woman even if I didn't have any plumbing. To prove it he used me as a woman, there was noting wrong with my ** and took advantage of that.

I gained weight after that, another thirty pounds, my rib case wasn't a marimba and my hips didn't stick out and my ** got bigger. He decided that he would marry me, now that I had meat on my bones and the cancer was gone. He talked to my sister and got her to carry my children, of course with her eggs and his sperm, and I didn't want to ask how his sperm got to her eggs, but she told me. She was in college and carrying a baby was easy, once the baby was born it was mine to raise. She did this twice so I could be a mother.

This man that I married was old fashioned about things. He had his mother teach me how to cook and I cooked for him and the children. I worked with his mother, with the three and four year olds. With me working full time, we expanded the school until we had ten teachers. College women have kids, it surprised me how many college women had kids. God, they were everywhere, and these young mothers were looking for a place for their kids and the word got out that we took college students as clients, if they couldn't pay, they helped or cooked or washed dishes and changed diapers.

I inherited the school and but it still has my mother in law's name to it. I'm a bit heavier and the fact that I don't have plumbing hasn't affected me being a woman. I take my medications and my hormones and my husband likes me with a few pounds extra. He never really liked the starving waif look.

Nov 4

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