"I hate america" - tweeted from iphone14

How dare you dont use my pronouns?? As a black hispanic lgbtq minor, they are.. they are... (full of tears) forcing me to.. WORK!!???? 30hours per week.. i.. i cant stand it.. my freedom my existence is under attack and whitehouse must do something about my comfort. Im sick and tired of living with other peoples decisions. or even so, being FORCED to face with my own decisions consequences!???? Why is america hating me. Why do white people want all black people to die :((((. Its you who is responsible by the climate change. The world is ending and people like me are suffering and be oppressed because of white cisgender billionaires (crying and screaming the whole time)

May 31

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I pretend to not know how my ‘friends’ are

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  • LOL. This is a joke, right? If not, fvck your pronouns. Seriously.

    Nobody gives a flying fvck about you, your pronouns, or your feelings. It's a tough world out there. Deal with it. Shut it and get on with it.

  • Go away OP

  • So you think other people don’t have Apple 14?

  • ** you Muchhhhmud.

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