Caramel-flavored communion

I don't believe in God.
And my parents would never accept it- they're terrified that without religion I will go around sleeping with men. And I'm too impatient and too busy to waste too hours at mass, so when they think my sister and I are going to get communion, I let her drop me off with my books at the coffee place two blocks away from the church.
At least she understands.

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  • Dont listen to the last comment, do what you want. dont let your parents decisions take a hold of you. Sit them down and tell them why you dont believe. Maybe they'll understand. Religion isn't "bullshitt" neither is being an atheist. you decide on what you believe in. your parents arn't abusive they just want what they think is right for you. let them know that you wont be having s** with tons of guys.

  • It's fine... religion's a bunch of horseshit invented to give a few people control over many. Read more books, keep thinking instead of going along the easy brainless way. There's plenty of like-minded people, and there's more evey day. Why else are the churches all having a "crisis" and wringing their hands over low attendance.

    The more we actually KNOW the more evidence we find to contradict superstition, so the less power it has over us. "Faith" - the primary tool of all religion - is the belief in something that actually has no supporting evidence. "Truth" is about the search for evidence.

    If you want to know more about where religion actually came from download a (free) movie called Zeitgeist. It's really slow in the first 15-20 mins but then it gets really good.

  • humans are humans, someone made us, if there is no god there will be no life after death so it means we are animals without soul only more intelligent, so i dont think that life without god is worth to live

  • We actually are only more intelligent animals. And of course, of course, life without god leads to misery: the misery of truth, the burden of the truth of our own insignificance. It's sad. Step on an ant- you can squish ten in a moment. But wait, did you know its name? Did you mean to kill it? Do you know its fellow ants loved it, made it their boss? Did you no it was its birthday today? No, you don't care. The universe doesn't care about us. You could be struck by lightning today and die. Have you ever touched a dead person? They're dead- a body that stopped functioning, not dead- a body whose soul left it. We are organic, and death is so real. We die, we die, we die. That is terrible. That is depressing. That is outrageous. But it's TRUE, for god's sake. We die. Human beings are just a blink in the life of the universe- we will grow instinct and even our insignificant planet will not be around forever. This makes me shiver with sadness. This makes me cry at night. But I'd rather cry than run away to a faith in eternal life and a creator who knows the number of hairs in my head and will reward me for shutting up my inquisitive head and worshiping him.

  • Organized religion is foolish mythology, it's all about the money. Pick your favorite invisible friend.

    Just sayin'


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