My nightmare

Almost a year ago my boyfriends 15 year old daughter moved in with us and our nightmare began. At first I felt bad about the horrible things she told me about her moms treatment of her. That mom tried to kill herself because of daughter and now wants nothing to do with her. But now I feel moms pain. This kid lies nonstop and manipulates!!! She's a disgusting pig leaving used sanitary pads on the floor and food and food wrappers everywhere. She goes 4-5 days without showering. I've bought her new dresses for concerts and never get a thank you. Clean her room or take her shopping. She says she never asked me to and she doesn't care if I do it or not. She lies to people about things I say and do mostly my boyfriend but recently so bad to bf's mom that the relationship has been destroyed by lies!!

Recently we stopped for ice cream that she got in a dish and spilled all over my car. She blames me for turning too sharp!!! She made up lies to her dad, refused to clean up the mess (dad blamed me for allowing her food in my car when I know she's a slob), and now runs and hides to avoid me.

My Bf keeps saying I need to move out bc of the problems with his daughter which I somewhat want to do. But I don't want some little nasty b**** ruining my relationship with bf. Plus, There are other children who would be devestated if I leave.
I feel guilty for hating her but at this point how else am I supposed to feel? Being nice gets you nowhere with her.

Aug 11, 2017

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  • After all the stories ive heard about dealing with other peoples kids ive made the choice to never date someone who wants me to have any responsibility for their kid. they made the choice to have one they can deal with their own baggage.

  • While cleaning today I found pails with toys and pee. Daughter doesn't help or speak to me only to ask me to take her kayaking or to a fair. I remind her she's not allowed in my car since the ice cream. She sees me organizing my couponing stockpile and getting a load of donations together and starts taking things without asking. I let her know they were for families in need and she doesn't need nail polish or school supplies; she has way more than enough of everything.

    In one year I will graduate from college and have a really great future ahead. Ive realized that I no longer want to buy a house with him bc his kids will destroy it.

  • Totally!!!!!

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