Exposing to doctors

I have the weirdest obsession of any of the people I know. I know a lot of people are exhibitionist, as I am, but I specifically like to expose myself to female doctors and nurses. I am a decent size at just a smidge over 7 inches, but I’m very thick. I have a freckle on the shaft of my p**** and use this as an excuse to go to various doctors or nurse practitioners. By calling clinics around the city and if they have a female provider I make an appointment. Sometimes you get a female nurse and then the doctor and that’s even better. Most of them are very professional but often when I pull it out it is partially aroused, and you can often see the reaction of their faces. When I’m not fully aroused the excess skin hides the freckle. I always tell them I’m afraid it’s cancer. It’s on the underside of my shaft and they always have to touch my p**** a lot. That often gets me hard. Most again or professional and at that point. But some continue to move it around to get a better look at the freckle. Sometimes they get very close to look better and that is very arousing. I pay cash for the visits and always give false info. It’s not cheap, but it’s a huge thrill.

Nov 21, 2020

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  • I had an infection at my incision site where they did my Aneurysm repair, a pretty blonde nurse practitioner did the cleanout.
    She just pulled the drape aside, left me like that as she first used a needle (hurt like h***) to numb the area, then opened and drained the thing.
    Left me exposed the entire time, then towards the end I began to erect.
    I apologized, she just laughed and told me not to worry about it, she said I had a nice looking one so she didn't mind at all.
    Then a rather fat older nurse came in with a small towel and covered me.
    I went back for the incision check later, same blonde, she pulled the gown up, grabbed my p**** and b**** and held them to the side so she could see how I was healing.
    Yep, hard again.
    "Two more weeks and you can put that thing back in action!" She said with a laugh and left.

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