Work Confessions

Think one of my managers suspects me of faking being sick.

I have, what I always refer to as my "not going to work days". On days where I just don't feel like going to work, I'll call in and say I can't come in because I'm sick. Today, however, I swear, I called in sick for a very valid reason and no, I'm not actually sick. Yesterday, I was scheduled to work outside from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pushing... [more]

Can't stand my coworker whenever he comments on customer purchase

There's a guy I work with, Frank, (real name) who is a cashier where I work and almost every day, without fail, if a customer buys a certain item, he'll either give them certain information on it or tell a customer they should have bought another product instead. Ex. 1. A customer will buy parchment paper for baking. Frank: Do you know why it's... [more]

Business groups are stupid..

I ran into a guy from my former business group at the sports bar last night, saw him come in, and hoped like ** he didn't see me. But he did, and came over to chat. He's still the same, fake smiled, bad jokes, shiny shoes, lying sack of ** he always... [more]

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Awkward Work Trip

After a business dinner with some clients at the hotel restaurant. I was so **. I invited my boss up to my room and cheated on my husband. I forgot to lock the conjoining room door so my colleague/best friend came in. (For years have always had an open door policy unless it’s locked) I didn’t get to... [more]

Tech department wagged his finger at me for working to fast

This lady is a distant memory from early 1994 maybe late 1993. She is vaguely remembered because there was not much victory on my part. I was made weak by her Hawaiian bud it did not look like the bud I had ever scene or occationally smoked. I was use to this green looking bud leafy with tons of seeds you had to pick out. One hit wonder was what... [more]


I used to work for a major airline so I dated my share of flight attendants. They usually had room mates. This one f/a I dated was pretty and loved to **. Her roomie was a ** hot blonde/blue with a killer body but she was dating a pilot... [more]

ANother story about the ministes wife who fired my friend

The gentleman in my story is my best friend. When he left the church where the ministers wife was that fired him he never returned to that church.
OK he went to a Presbyterian church which is only separated from his former church by a small one way street.
One day his former employer the ministers met him outside his new church. She... [more]


My boss sometimes has me light her cigarette for her, but I don't mind. She is 70 and whenever she takes a cigarette out and places it between her lips, she tasks me with lighting it

Satan crawls out when Glory is within Reach.

An opportunity of employment came my way sometime ago. It was more than a 9 to 5 job it was a deal of a lifetime. I was at Home Depot buying some tools and materials to repair drywall. A man approached me and asked me if I know I how to do this kind of work. I told him not as a professional but I have done it in the past. I had done a lot of... [more]

Some can, some can't, some will , some won't

I've seen plain Jane type women get jobs their beautiful counterparts wanted but didn't get. I know why. The plain Janes ** their boss by offering their bodies whereas the pretty ladies didn't.
I even know of a woman who ate her managers ** for a... [more]

Donald Duck

When I was 18 I travelled around Europe in the early 90's and found a cash in ** on the outskirts of Marseille at a small facility for a couple of month that was involved with in Downing. The job entailed me to live pluck feathers from livestock, force feed them and fix up a barn that was falling... [more]

Woman got fired from Driver Services after 20 years on the job an

She was taking money for giving chauffers licenses to drivers who had only passed the regular drivers exam. The State police escorted her out and into a paddy wagon and the last I heard she was doing time in the state prison.



Hot for Boss

My name is Amber and I'm a 27 year old married momma of 2. I love my husband but I can't help fantasize about my silver fox of a boss, Chris. I want him to call me to his office and ** my fat ** over his desk. I want him to be my daddy so [more]

My final termination story.

This friend of mine had a job and he made some mistakes. The head of HR who was his ministers wife fired him. He drove the church bus.
Leaving the company after a brief argument the angry friend of mine put in a two weeks notice quitting his church bus driving position. This put the Minister in a bind. He knew of no one else who would... [more]

Vax fraud

I lied to my job that I was vaccinated. I didn't want to get the vaccine because I didn't trust it. I heard many horror stories of severe adverse reactions and I was really afraid that it could happen to me. I paid for a fake vaccine card from a scammer online and showed it to my boss when asked to verify my status. When he questioned me, I lied... [more]

The 2014 Kia Soul

I am smarter than all my co-workers. I’m an engineer with more education anyone in my group. My intellect is more superior than my manager too. I provide the best ideas and solutions. However, because of my age, I get no respect.
I recently purchased my first automobile. I got the best deal on the best automobile. I choose not to purchase new... [more]

Do HR staff enjoy terminating someone?

In a way I think they do. The power they have over someones life must for some people be exciting. Looking someone in the eye and telling them to gather their things and leave over their objections may be exilerating for some people.

Need investment

I really wanna start a youtube channel about fixing make-up product but I need a small investment as makeup mould are really expensive ...and my family members aren't that supportive. Being a girl child is hard

My boss

M23. My boss an average woman in every way. 36. husband. two kids. Still i find her so attractive. i just want to have ** with her. i ** to pics of her often and imagine how ** with her must be. its... [more]

Teasing men

Hi, this is all new to me, a colleague at work told me about the site. I am 37, female, work as a PA which is a personal assistant

Termination stories

I went to work for a company named Vulcan Materials in Atlanta Ga in their mail room. After six weeks I was called into the office and basically was told I wasn't doing the job right and that I had made a lot of mistakes. I asked "You're going to fire me"? and the mean eyed HR woman just looked at me. My manager after telling me I was a nice... [more]

I was overheard using obscene language.. My apology didn't help.

I got fired anyway. Don't cuss at a sophisticated company if you want to continue to work there. Be smarter than I was and speak in a civil manner.

I worked for the same company doing the same thing for 47 years

I retired when I was 65 from a warehouse job I had with the state. My salary was low and the work was hard. The benefits were mediocre.
Still it was a job and about as good as a barely graduated from high school man could get and keep.
I get a check and social security and inherited money from my now deceased parents. I live frugally... [more]

Last Month I ** Up

Before I begin I fully admit that what I did was stupid, selfish, and unfair. I'm kicking myself for what I did and am never planning on doing something like this again.
So... over the last two years I worked alongside a woman who I found incredibly attractive. She was smart, funny, pretty, a hard worker, and really good at her job, but also... [more]

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