You might not

Believe but I know I seek only you .I love only you rest are .....

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  • I care about him so much...he creates drama and chaos and I have no choice to lov him.

  • If he creates so much drama, then just tell him how you feel. Tell him that you love him, but he's making the relationship difficult with his drama. Then take it from there, besides communication is very important in a relationship. Good luck

  • I have said that and he seems like he does it on purpose sometimes..and also rejects me b4 he thinks I will reject him. I don't want to reject him.

  • If he doesn't want to change, then I guess it's time for you to move on with someone who has less drama. Good luck..

  • Thank u for ur input

  • Translation: me stay wiv him cuz me wuv him herp derp derp

  • The end of the sentence makes no sense. Could you please be a little more specific?

  • Dude is drunk probably

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